6 Traits That Show Someone is Truly A Spiritual Master!


To be a Spiritual Master means to be a form of inspiration and education to other people while following your personal spiritual journey of transformation.

A Spiritual Master is someone who teaches others through their way of living, but in the same time, learns from their personal journey and the others who walked before them.

Other cultures considered them as counselors who help shape values, people who share enlightenment from their personal experiences and have exemplary life acting as a source of inspiration in the evolution of others.

Spiritual Masters come to different people in different stages of their life, regardless of age, to help them go through the barriers and challenges. However, Spiritual Masters might not even know the role they play.

How to spot A Spiritual Master? Here are the 6 signs that clearly show someone achieved mastery in their spiritual journey:

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master6 Traits Spiritual Master

1. A Spiritual Master is free of judgment and prejudice.

Spiritually advanced souls don’t mind your looks, language, or what stage of awareness you are. They believe that each one has a different story to tell and they respect that. They know that judging has more to do with the person doing the judging than the one being judged.

2. A Spiritual Master is sensitive but non-reactive.

While highly sensitive people, or empaths, have tendencies to quickly react to their emotions and feelings, Spiritual Masters know how to be sensitive while remaining non-reactive. They know too well the boundaries between feeling and being a feeling, and take responsibility for themselves.

3. A Spiritual Master teaches others naturally.

Being a teacher comes to all Spiritual Masters naturally. They don’t have the difficulty in engaging with others. They speak their heart without even realizing they share the most powerful lessons. The lessons they share flow easily and with clarity most of which are derived from their life experiences.

4. A Spiritual Master is the personification of love.

As humans, we find difficulty in loving our close people unconditionally. But Spiritual Masters have developed and practiced loving others unconditionally no matter who they are and what they are, even animals. It’s because they’ve reached the Divinity of being one with all creatures. They radiate love without much effort because that’s the default state of being they reached for themselves. They inspire that in others.

5. A Spiritual Master is free of attachments.

Because they have fully grasped what is important in this life, Spiritual Masters are able to let go of things that no longer matter. They know that everything on earth is temporary and must come to pass. Thus, they focus their time and energy into beautifying the Spirit and Soul, instead of their house or their looks.

6. A Spiritual Master has a deep connection and respect for the earth and everything that lives on it.

Spiritual Masters have a deep connection with the earth and all of its inhabitants. They’re aware of the interconnectedness of all, showing respect and appreciation of all human life. They know that they don’t own the earth, and strive to live their lives as equal participants on this journey while leading and helping others.

All of us may not be Spiritual Masters, yet emulating their actions and works is a great tool in helping ourselves and others, making our earthly journey an impactful experience and an inspiration for other generations.

Source: Conscious Reminder;