10 Signs You Are Walking The Highest Path Of Your Purpose


There is no ‘wrong’ path on its own! It’s the one walking the path that determines whether they chose it because they followed their heart or they were running away.

However, whatever path each one trods along it is paved with life lessons and experiences that eventually will lead the person to their truth. And whatever path one chooses to take, it always ends in the direction the traveler was meant to arrive.

But there is one Path called The Highest Path. That’s the path that was meant specially for you.

What’s The Highest Path?What's The Highest Path

This road may be bumpy, smooth, well-lit, or even dark, but the one where your current level of consciousness comes alive.

This path makes your whole being feel alive! You are becoming passionately obsessed with what you do and you wouldn’t do anything else even if you had a chance to do whatever you like.

The Highest Path is the unity of all the most important things that the other paths would have taught you. It’s like watching a high definition image while all the other paths are low resolutions of the same image.

Ultimately, all roads are right. But choose the one where you have the fullest expression of your being.

10 Signs You Are Walking Your Highest Path:

Signs You Are Walking Your Highest Path
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The following clues will help you tell whether or not you’ve found your highest path.

Here are the 10 sign that a person who walks their Highest Path will experience:

1. Your consciousness grows more.

Your highest path is filled with stimuli and it’s urging you to keep up with it. Failing to do so may knock you off course. This is where some people got lost along the way. However, this is normal.

Though it takes time and a new level of consciousness, one can still get back to their highest path again. And that’s exactly what stimulates your consciousness to grow and make new connections.

2. You make no compromises with yourself.

While you’re on your highest path, you no longer do things to please others. Instead, you do things that please yourself. It doesn’t mean you compromise the relationship with others, it only means you’re in the best place to respect yourself and others.

When you walk on your highest path, you’re completely aligned with your soul as well as the purpose of your soul here. There is no way you can compromise that.

3. You’re fully equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Like any other path, your highest path too, is filled with curveballs and challenges.

But nothing’s going to beat you since walking in this path comes with the awareness of seeing the bigger picture and viewing things from a purposeful place.

4. You’re not afraid to be just you.

When you’re called to walk in your highest path, you’re endowed with confidence that makes you accept your true self, embracing all your imperfections. What matters more to you are the gifts that you are about to bring to the world.

The things you do make you a more passionate person. You feel fulfilled by every decision that you make. By being fully appreciative and acknowledging of yourself, you’re making decisions that come from the higher levels of your consciousness, paving the way to be your higher self.

5. You believe in the existence of something bigger than you.

Being on the highest path allows you to be in sync with your soul, as well as connect with something bigger than yourself. You feel the vibrations of the universe making you access other divine realms and being in constant contact with your intuition.

By believing in something bigger, you are supported in your journey, seeing bigger visions that only you can fathom.

6. You never cease to learn new things.

When you’re in your highest path, your curiosity for life expands and you continually desire to learn and grow. Learning new skills is one of them.

The desire to travel develops and you even volunteer and dedicate your time to learning about people and other cultures.

7. You’re always grateful and connected.

Walking on the highest path gives you an overwhelming sense of gratitude for things and people that cross your way.

You feel connected to everything, as your energy is a part of a bigger tapestry that all living creatures are working on.

8. You constantly witness miracles.

When you walk on your highest path, miracles start to unfold. Your thoughts and desires manifest easily and you notice the synchronicity or coincidences that are taking place around you.

Your intuition is being strengthened and you heal yourself easily. A blossoming flower is a miracle to you as well as the manifestation of your wildest dreams that seem to come ever so easily.

9. You start to meet soulmates and twin flames.

While walking in your highest path, you’re likely to attract people like soulmates and twin flames who come to support you in your journey.

These beautiful souls may come as your teachers, friends, or even lovers. You may shed old friends and welcome new ones who are more aligned to your vibrations.

10. You just know you’re on the highest path.

If the question of being on the right path still haunts you, this indicates that you’re not there yet.

When you walk on your highest path, you just feel that you’re there. No one can tell you except yourself. Walking in the highest path comes with a certain feeling that allows you to feel fulfilled and purposeful. When you’re there, there’s no mistaking it.

ConclusionThe Highest Path

Knowing your Highest Path is an internal work and not so much external. It’s dealing with your own darkness and light realizing they all serve a higher purpose.

It is always you who prevents you to see and walk your Highest Path. Once you move out of your own way and allow yourself to walk your Highest Path, you are already on your way.

No matter the circumstances in your external world, focus on walking along the Highest Path within you.

As long as you realize your potential, you’re able to walk that Highest Path within.

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