The 15 Most Beautiful Places On Earth That Often Lead To Life Transformation When Visited!


Feeling stressed out in life has become a common phenomenon in modern times.

In the course of carrying the burden of daily life, one often faces depression and exhaustion.

One way to replenish your energy is to opt for a getaway and experience some adventure in life.

There are places around the world that can change your life if you visit them. They are so powerful both in energy and scenery, that you will instantly feel as a different person once you experience them.

Here are the top 15 most beautiful places on Earth that often lead to life transformation when visited:

15. Petra – Ma’an, JordanMost Beautiful Places On Earth 15.-Petra-GC¦зo¦В-MaGC¦зO¦Иan-Jordan

Ruined, but magical in its artistic value, Petra represents a unique architectural significance. It dates back to the 4th century BCE and has many references in the Bible. This place is known for its scintillating beauty.

14. Taktsang Palphug Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) – Paro, BhutanMost Beautiful Places On Earth 14.-Taktsang-Palphug-Monastery-Tigers-Nest-GC¦зo¦В-Paro-District-Bhutan

Located at a high altitude, this monastery is known for its tranquillity. There are many legends surrounding this place. Over the years, it has become a major tourist attraction.

13. Manu, National Park – Madre de dios Region/ Cusco Region, PeruMost Beautiful Places On Earth 13.-ManuTжu¦И-National-Park-GC¦зo¦В-Madre-de-Dios-Region_Cusco-Region-Peru

Living in cities, when we almost forget what other life forms are, this place is the best to visit. A wildlife habitation, this place brings one closest to Nature.

12. Mount Kailash – Transhimalaya Mountain Range, TibetMost Beautiful Places On Earth 12.-Mount-Kailash-GC¦зo¦В-Transhimalaya-Mountain-Range-Tibet

An abode for the Hindu deities, this place holds religious significance not only for the Hindus, but many other religions as well. Situated in an altitude that promises calmness and serenity, this place is breath taking.

11. Great Blue Hole – Belize City, BelizeMost Beautiful Places On Earth 11.-Great-Blue-Hole-GC¦зo¦В-Belize-City-Belize

This is a vertical cave and is rich in reef life. Diving is a popular activity here that helps you experience the exotic and diverse marine life.

10. Machu Picchu – Machupicchu DistrictMost Beautiful Places On Earth 10.-Machu-Picchu-GC¦зo¦В-Machupicchu-District-Peru

Like the Xanadu, this palace was constructed as a residence of an Emperor. Now in ruins, watching the sunrise from this height is a visual delight.

9. Pyramids of Giza – El Giza, EgyptMost Beautiful Places On Earth 9.-Pyramids-of-Giza-GC¦зo¦В-El-Giza-Egypt

One of the unique wonders of the world, the unmatched beauty of this place is still a mystery. It shows how rich the then Egyptian culture was and deports us to the ancient past.

8. Mount Roraima – Guina Shield, Brazil/ GuyanaMost Beautiful Places On Earth 8.-Mount-Roraima-GC¦зo¦В-Guiana-Shield-Brazil_Guyana_Venezuela

Enveloped by the clouds, this place is a marvel of the Nature. It has a mystical appearance and is worth the climb.

7. Volcanoes National Park – Ruhengiri,RwandaMost Beautiful Places On Earth 7.-Volcanoes-National-Park-GC¦зo¦В-Ruhengeri-Rwanda

Gorillas and volcanoes should not stop you from exploring the depths of the wild. Once you visit here, an adventurous exploration of wildlife awaits you.

6. Mount Everest – Himalayas, Nepal/TibetMost Beautiful Places On Earth 6.-Mount-Everest-GC¦зo¦В-Himalayas-Nepal_Tibet

The highest mountain peak in the world, experiencing the climb of the Everest can teach you a new approach towards life. When you shall literally overcome the fear of this majestic climb, you can face any other insecurities in life.

5. Svalbard – Artic Ocean, NorwayMost Beautiful Places On Earth 5.-Svalbard-GC¦зo¦В-Arctic-Ocean-Norway

Have you seen anything more mesmerizing than the Northern Lights? This is also a habitation for many exquisite animals like the reindeers and polar bears.

4. Galápagos islands – Pacific Ocean, EcuadorMost Beautiful Places On Earth 4.-GalaTжu¦Иpagos-Islands-GC¦зo¦В-Pacific-Ocean-Ecuador

Situated on the Pacific Ocean, this place is beautiful for its wildlife and volcanic islands.

3. Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve – Hunan, ChinaMost Beautiful Places On Earth 3.-Tianzi-Mountain-Nature-Reserve-GC¦зo¦В-Hunan-China

Heavenly in its form, the “floating mountains” is huge in structure and can give you a paradise like experience.

2. Harmandir Sahib – Punjab, IndiaMost Beautiful Places On Earth 2.-Harmandir-Sahib-GC¦зo¦В-Punjab-India

Popularly known as the “Golden Temple”, it has a humbling effect on its tourists. Peaceful as it is, this place has its own magical quality.

1. Salar de Uyuni – Potosi/ Oruro, BoliviaMost Beautiful Places On Earth 1.-Salar-de-Uyuni-GC¦зo¦В-PotosiTжu¦И_Oruro-Bolivia

Spread across for miles, this place is the largest salt pan of the world. One cannot be but amazed at the largest mirror of the world.

Now that you have your list, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and tour the world!