A Star Child Can Possess Any Of These 26 Psychic Abilities


Our DNA is activated and returned to its perfection as cosmic energies continue to immerse our planet with waves of higher consciousness.

This evolution activates all the psychic abilities that have been inactive for thousands of years. Some incarnated children exhibiting psychic abilities at a young age have more strands activated than anyone else.

What is a Star Child?26 Psychic Abilities Star Child

A child that has more strands of its DNA activated than other people is called a Star Child. They arrived on planet Earth through some of the following ways:

1. Changes of DNA as a result of absorbing cosmic energy.

2. Agreement between the original soul and the Star Being while the child is very young.

3. Natural incarnation and carefully planned genetics whose bloodline lineage is from incarnated Star people.

There are a couple of theories that suggest that there were ancient civilizations who lived on Earth and were significantly more advanced than Humanity is today. But this advancement was more spiritual than technological like most of us think.

The theory says that they used to have 12 active major strands of DNA with at least 64 codons turned on before the “Fall of Atlantis.” Currently, we only have 2 strands and around 20 codons which make us lack the ability and consciousness.

Some theorize that these civilizations ascended this realm of existence through spiritual practices, some say they evolved into higher beings and others suggest that they were destroyed.

There is a theory that we are the children of those ancient civilizations but we have forgotten our real nature. We have locked our true potential for some reason, and think of it as junk DNA.

This handicap is the main cause why we forget who we are. It’s now humanity’s greatest challenge to incarnate in this lifetime and unable to remember who we are, or even how we’re connected to our Source Creator.

As the waves of cosmic energy consistently immerse our planet for the last 40 years, we are currently in the best times of waking up and activating our junk DNA.

This raises our vibration into higher density to start a new cycle of existence as a new type of human beings. Our next evolution could be promoted exactly through the spiritual revolution that is currently taking place around the world.

What’s the purpose of Star Children?26 Psychic Abilities Your Star Child Possesses

The Star children play an important role in this great transformation for humanity. Their higher vibration that affects the collective human consciousness helps to shift humanity towards a fifth-dimensional existence while inside a physical body.

Some Star children already exhibit abilities beyond that of the average human such as remembering past lives, remembering when they “walked in,” or knowing things that even most spiritually awakened people still haven’t understood.

They may even have full knowledge of their purpose here and are prepared enough to help humanity go through this vibrational frequency shift.

26 Psychic Abilities A Star Child Can Possess:Star Child

The following are some of the powerful psychic skills Star children have, according to Dr. Richard Boylan:

1. Telepathy – The ability to communicate mentally.

2. Precognition – The ability to know the future.

3. Telekinesis – The ability to move objects by mental concentration.

4. Clairvoyance – The ability to mentally see things that are distant in space or time.

5. Downloading information – The ability to gather information from off-planet consciousness.

6. Cross-species Communication – The ability to communicate with other species.

7. Penetrating intuitiveness – The ability to “know” something even without being told.

8. Affects electrical devices – The ability to make electrical devices turn on or off, even blow out as the child passes by.

9. Remote-influencing others – The ability to influence others through telepathy.

10. Interdimensional viewing – The ability to view things in an interdimensional level.

11. Aura Reading – The ability to learn about another’s health, intentions, and others by observing the energy fields surrounding the person.

12. Psychic Diagnosis – The ability to read the person’s energy field fluctuations.

13. Psychic or bioenergetic healing – The ability to transfer helpful energy to another person.

14. Invisibility – The ability to make oneself invisible through mental concentration.

15. Teleportation – The ability to transfer oneself or move objects from one place to another through mental effort.

16. Levitation – The ability to rise from the ground through mental effort.

17. Mental influencing – The ability to cause another to “feel” like doing something the Star child wants.

18. Earth Energy – The ability to do earth energy adjustment work.

19. Time dilation or contraction – The ability to cause events, trips, etc. to take a longer or shorter time than ordinary.

20. Pre-sensitivity to disasters – The ability to sense disasters before it happens like earthquakes or human disasters like car crashes.

21. Interdimensional awareness – The ability to understand what is occurring.

22. Astral travel – The ability to have out of body experiences.

23. Channeling – The ability to serve as a conduit for a person not present and speaks through a Star child.

24. Shared consciousness – The ability to share consciousness with a Star Visitor guide.

25. Mental connections with Star Visitor Guides – The ability to operate in close mental connections with Star Visitor Guides.

26. Physically summoning – Connecting with one’s Star Visitor and other guardians.

Aside from these skills, Star children sense their connection to Source. They feel it deeply in their being, they confidently know we are all connected.

They will help us remember by activating our DNA on a spiritual path. Later, this spiritual ascension will be embodied and the true potential of our DNA will be unlocked!

Star children may become our guides on Earth, helping us better connect to higher frequency guidance during our DNA activation. They may also help us reconnect with our Star family and fully understand how to begin life on Earth as new human species, embodied as the Source, transforming this world through love.

If you have a Star child, or you think you are one, it is wise to follow a suggested protocol and seek a support system to aid you and your child in this earthly journey.

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