Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop


No matter how spiritually enlightened you are, there will come a time in your life when you suddenly feel as if you’ve lost the feeling of spiritual awareness.

Your mindful thinking will be replaced by anxious over thinking and you will lose all your positivity and prophetic visions. You’ll think of all ways to return to your state of higher spiritual awareness but fail each time.

Such blocks in your journey of spiritual awakening are indicators that suggest you the need to slow down and take a break. It is just a period for your mind to rearrange and reorder all your beliefs and philosophies.

This phase engulfs a complete reformation of your belief system. So, it’s not easy to cruise through it. You need to be extremely patient throughout this phase despite all the possible pain and frustration.

Your spiritual awareness and development aims at getting you better at your spiritual understanding of the inner self in relation to the world and as well within the soul.

So if this is already happening to you, there might be 4 reasons behind it:

1. You need healing.Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop - You need healing

A spiritual awakening can bring repressed memories and emotions from your unconscious mind into your conscious awareness.

You may be reminded of things or events which you never wanted to recall. Some memories may be so distant that you may feel eluded to them and think of them as part of your imagination.

Your spiritual journey will continue once you heal this past trauma. It’s like you have reached a station and you need to complete the mission so you can continue with your journey.

2. You are angry.Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop - You Are Angry

There are a lot of probable underlying causes behind your anger. One such cause could be your inability to forgive or forget certain memories of the past.

Repressed memories often make us act in ways we aren’t sure or proud of.

This is really similar with the healing reason, it usually suggests that there is something you still need to accept and let go of. It is, however, a means to deal with one step before the healing. But unlike healing, there might not be a wound to heal here, just an irritation.

3. You have developed an over-inflated sense of self.Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop - You have over-inflated sense of self

A spiritual awakening is most likely to make you feel special about yourself. And this feeling definitely needs to be celebrated.

However, do not be blind to the fact that a spiritual awakening is ideal for your ego to indulge in all the realizations of how special you are. The more you recognize yourself as special, the more likely you are to be obsessed with self gratification. This moves you further from the truth, making you more blind to the fact that all those things that make you special apply to all of us.

The moment you feel that you have arrived at your ideal level of spiritual awareness you will stop moving forward on this journey since you will not have the willingness to go any further.  Move out of your own way. Don’t let your ego define the ever changing nature of your self!

4. You are frustrated with the current world status.Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop - You are frustrated with the current state of the world

After experiencing what can be called as euphoria, you are bound to sense dissatisfaction when you realize the reality of the human world. You’ve explored the higher realms of the philosophical world. Naturally, finding yourself in the lower realms of the human world is disappointing.

You are enlightened with greater knowledge and better insights into the world. It is utterly disappointing when you are unable to share your deep thoughts with the average person. You find ways to transmit your knowledge and ideas but to no avail. After a series of efforts you end up feeling discouraged rather than enthused.

The world is the same! Nothing changed but your perception about it. This means that the solution to see a better world and stop being frustrated is in your hands. Stop trying to change the world, it’s not your responsibility! Change yourself! Do what you love! Follow your purpose!

If you are meeting with a block in your spiritual journey just remember that you’re worthy enough. Try to meet your anger with love and follow your instincts.

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