Pay Attention To These 9 Common Dream Symbols! They Reveal Important Secrets Deep From Your Unconscious Mind…


Most of our dreams last for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Science calls it REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). According to Freud, dreams are “the royal road” to the unconscious.

Why we dream remains an unanswered question. Researchers offered several theories, but only one is significant to us all: dreams could give clues to our inner lives that we may gain insight, or even warned of impending danger.

There are things in our dreams that are common to everyone. Yet, how we interpret their meaning depends solely on each one’s particular conscious life. Luckily, we are given dream symbols to act as a guide in our self-examination on what we need to pay attention to.

Here are the 9 most common dream symbols and their meanings:Common Dream Symbols

1. Your teeth are falling out

You might have dreamed of losing your teeth and are terrified while you try to catch your teeth on your palms. Loss of teeth in a dream usually signifies a loss of self-confidence, control, or power in the waking life. It may be occurring in a relationship, work, or even in one’s personal life. The dream conveys your anxiety issues.  And it’s urging you to resolve these issues on the conscious level.

2. You are falling

This dream indicates a fear of losing something. It may be losing control, self-confidence, or someone close to you. It’s best to examine your waking life to help you resolve this issue.

3. You are not wearing any clothes on while in public

This dream again points you to the lack of your self-confidence. It may also be an indication that you’re afraid some hidden parts of yourself would be exposed in public. You must examine whether you are being truthful in your interactions with others, or are just pleasing people in order to fit in. Or, you may be lying and feeling anxious for the truth to come out. Check with yourself if there are aspects in your waking life that you are afraid to be unmasked.

4. You are flying

Flying in a dream can be exciting. Soaring up high denotes a feeling of freedom. Perhaps you have just been liberated from something that may have afflicted you in your waking life. On the other hand, flying lower to the ground and barely missing objects along the way, like cars, wires, or other people denotes that you are frustrated or upset in your conscious life. If these things get in your way, it’s time you examine and resolve them.

5. Your own death

Dreaming of your own death could be fearsome but, on the contrary, it brings positive connotation. Death signifies positive results and change. It may be that you have moved away from a situation or person that has a negative impact in your waking life. Change is an ongoing process in which its transition comes easily to some while difficult for others.

6. You are in a house

A house in a dream commonly represents the self. You must be aware what kind of house it is. Whether it comes from past or present. Or, whether it’s intact or falling apart due to flood or fire. There may be animals in the house that put you in danger. What goes on in the house of your dream generally indicates feelings of security or insecurity you have of yourself.

7. You are being chased

Being chased in a dream is exhausting, especially when you seem unable to move or can’t move at all as you try to run. This dream denotes a feeling of anxiety. Maybe there is something you are trying to run away from in your waking life. and your subconscious is pointing the issue to you through your dream.

8. You are missing an exam

To dream of missing an exam symbolizes your unpreparedness. Maybe you keep on procrastinating something that needs your immediate attention. Your dream is trying to alert you to face it as it’s causing you lots of stress.

9. Water

The interpretation of water in a dream depends on how it appears in the dream. Water is the ultimate expression of the unconscious mind expressing your true emotions. In the dream, it could come as a giant wave trying to engulf you, or a calm, relaxing pool or lake, or a waterfall that cleanses you, or a torrent where you feel you are drowning. Looking at how water comes to you in your dream helps you to examine the degree of ease or unease you have in your waking life.