You Are Born With Psychic Abilities But These 5 Things Block Your Psychic Potential…


Like everyone else, you are born with intuitive or psychic abilities. However, as you grow older, these abilities slowly diminish. They may occur less or even vanish totally.

This is because we allow certain factors to influence us and limit our potential.

These 5 things may be what’s filtering or blocking psychic messages or insights from finding its way to your conscious mind.

5 Things That Block Your Psychic Potential:5 Things Blocking Your Psychic Powers

1. Negative people or energy surrounds you.

When you are surrounded by people or situations that do not bring out the best in you, you tend to use a protective shield to protect yourself.

But, this protection serves not only to protect you but also acts as a barrier to your abilities. When it never comes down, it would turn out as a permanent block.

2. You haven’t spent enough time with nature.

Being in nature brings about a healing experience. Studies even show that walking in nature changes blood flow to the brain. As a result, you are more attentive and your cortisol or stress hormone would drop in a certain manner.

A constant walk along the highway may result with heightened level of anxiety and depression. This creates a block to receive psychic or intuitive information.

3. You are mindless of your stress symptoms.

High-stress level causes hormonal imbalance. This will affect the pineal gland which is part of the endocrine system. This imbalance has a direct effect on your third eye, which is a link between your physical and spiritual selves.

When you’re under extreme stress, you must set aside time for rest. It’s even much better if you spend time with nature.

4. You neglect your overall health.

The basic ways to stay healthy are to eat better, do some physical exercise, limit alcohol or drug use, and have a better sleep. When you fail to follow those basic ways, you’d naturally become unhealthy. When this happens, you’re likely to have difficulty opening or expanding your psychic abilities.

You don’t need to have a strict diet regimen. You only need to be aware that consuming a lot of junk foods can definitely block your innate abilities.

5. You don’t ground yourself properly.

The pull of the spiritual world feels incredible. The lack of grounding, in reality, will slowly take its toll. One way of staying connected to the Earth is by carrying crystals or do “earthing” activities. This replenishes your energy so that you can be open to your abilities.

Another way is through meditation even for a few minutes. You may download meditation or relaxing apps to listen to for just a few minutes. It’s more effective when done before bedtime. This will make you feel calmer and more grounded.

Look at your lifestyle and find out if any of these situations fit. Then plan to diminish the issues or blocks. Check your progress after a few days or weeks.