9 Signs You Are At High Levels Of Advanced Awakening


For the past few months, people have been noticing some changes in their energy.

Our bodies adjust to the existing energy frequencies that the Earth has.

This is one of the reasons why both emotionally and spiritual awakened people are recently noticing changes through the energy their bodies are receiving from the Earth.

Especially those who have attuned themselves to resonate with the Earth and Nature! These vibrations affect them directly.

What are the most apparent symptoms of awakening?Common Signs Of Awakening

The most apparent symptoms of a basic shift of energy, or even Ascension, include mild to moderate discomfort because of nausea, depression, bouts of dizziness, sporadic memory loss, and sometimes more noticeable aspects like tinnitus or short periods of intense sweating, not preceded by any strenuous activity.

In fact most of these are the standard symptoms people undergoing an ascension feel, between successive energy levels.

But what of those people who have crossed these milestones?

Advanced symptoms of higher awakening:Signs Of Advanced Awakening

As it turns out, with higher energy levels, we meet more noticeable symptoms of ascension as well. Some of you may recognize these:

– Sluggishness and indifference;

– Complete lack of motivation, despite a significant work load;

– Swinging between eating huge amounts and having no appetite at all;

– Intestinal discomfort and bowel sounds;

– Periods of extended insomnia, mixed with periods of extreme sleepiness and prolonged sleeping hours;

– Restlessness and vague anxiety, even hives in some cases;

– You might have mild headaches even if you’ve never had a history of headaches.

– Another thing that can happen is having sudden hot flashes and periods of night sweats.

– You might experience sudden drops of energy and mood swings.

What should you expect?Advanced Signs Of Awakening

The concept of linear time is directly involved with the sequence of our ascension. It is known and accepted that ascension is a gradual process.

You’ll find that these painful and sometimes embarrassing symptoms are directly linked to anger and anxiety. The solar plexus area is the part of your body where these emotions can center.

Your body is detoxing itself both energetically and chemically and those symptoms are a natural response.

With every better decision you make due to your ascension you are slowly getting rid of negative emotional clog, energetical blockages, thoughts and information that influences negatively, even foods that take more energy than they give.

When you are not accustomed to what you have going through, it can be doubly difficult. Seeking help is always a good idea, especially when it can be remedied, like certain minor physical conditions that require regular supplementation.

We know how our bodies process food, and if we don’t, we should learn. When your consciousness is raising and you are experiencing ascension it is normal to start craving healthier foods.

In fact the correlation is simple. We naturally crave the foods with micronutrients that our body requires or is short on. Throwing vitamins in your mouth every day is not just the answer to it.

You have to monitor the charts of your hunger and your performance. This is infinitely different for two people who are dieting based on their personal needs.

It comes down to vibration. To be conscious and awakened enough, helps your incorporate the change right down to the DNA level.