How Each Finger On Your Hand Is Connected To A Specific Planet According To The Practice Of Palmistry


There is a deep connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The shape of galaxies, the formation of clouds, the ratio between music notes, everything is connected through a divine mathematical equation.Everything is connected to everything else

Even the look of most celestial events reminds us of the shape and behavior of our body functions.

Everything is a mirror image of The Universe and everything is deeply tied up together in ways science only just starts to scratch.Divine Ratio

Planets have a big influence in our lives. Different planets affect different parts of your body and different aspects of our psyche and personality.

For example, majority of moods depend on the moon.

A mood does not stay for more than two and a quarter days. That is the amount of time the moon is at one place. The moment the moon moves from that place your mood also changes. There are other factors, of course, but the moon has a big influence.

These emotions pass like waves, they move as the moon moves. But when you identify yourself with any one of these emotions, you get stuck. That’s when you don’t move.

According to the practice of palmistry, each of your fingers can reveal much about your personality.

Each finger on your hand is connected to a specific planet:Each Finger Is Connected To Planet

The Thumb is connected to Mars.

Mars stays alone. It is the lone warrior, the achiever! The control of the thumb occupies a huge part of our brain, therefore the thumb is extremely important to our personality. It relates to self-control and will power.

For instance, a person with a long thumb, compared to their hand, will have a control over their environment while a person with a shorter thumb will feel a bigger influence from their environment.

The Index finger is connected to Jupiter.

Jupiter shows the path, it is the teacher. It stands for guidance and ambition. When you want to show something, you show using the index finger.

A short Jupiter finger may reveal a feeling of inadequacy in social settings, while a very long one could show that we identify too much with the role we play in society.

The middle finger is connected to Saturn.

It is the wise and disciplined one.

With a short Saturn finger we may lack discernment, be thoughtless and say the wrong thing. With an extremely long finger, we may lack spontaneity and warmth and be too rigid.

The ring finger is connected to the Sun.

The Sun is the king. And who owns the jewels? The king, and so you put rings only on the ring finger. That’s why it’s called the ring finger. It is the finger of passion, courage and charisma.

When it is short, we lack passion and may feel shy or insecure. When the Sun finger is particularly long, we will do anything to attract attention and may use our charisma to manipulate others.

The little finger is connected to Mercury.

It is the messenger and the connector. It stands for communication. That’s why you promise something and reconnect with someone after apologizing by touching index fingers.

A person with a very small Mercury finger is very often naïve and may display a lack of interest in their surroundings. A person with a Mercury finger that is proportionately very long could be an excellent communicator, but may also be inclined to lie or cheat.