7 Sure Ways To Achieve ‘Joie De Vivre’ (Delight Of Being Alive)


Being alive is not the same as living.

Most people just exist, they live their whole lives without ever FEELING what it really means to be ALIVE!

Just look at people on the street, do they seem like they feel alive? We are ‘masters’ at getting into a routine and sleep away years from our lives living as mindless robots.

When was the last time you felt alive? I mean REALLY feel alive? Like you don’t even perceive time, you are in the moment, excited, filled with wonder and a funloving spirit?

The last time you felt like this was probably when you were a kid.

The moment we started acting as grown ups we got lost in that labyrinth of ‘you should do this’ responsibilities, fear, thoughts and never ending chores.

And most people keep on living like that their whole lives, completely forgetting how to have that delight of being alive, or Joie De Vivre!

These are the 7 sure ways to achieve ‘Joie De Vivre’Ways To Achieve Joi De Vivre

Joie De Vivre is described as the exultation of spirit and can be understood as the art of living, or a state of constant ecstasy, joy and love.

The description is really similar to what Buddhist practitioners describe as enlightenment and nirvana. However, there is a difference.

Joie De Vivre is achieved without a need of a practice. You don’t need to start meditating for years, what you need to do is start living! REALLY LIVING!

Here are 7 sure ways you can achieve Joie De Vivre (the delight of being alive):

1. Do what you are really passionate about.

We are all passionate about something. Find your passion and let it kill you!

Whatever your passion is, writing, singing, creating, dancing, filming… do it unapologetically! It’s what your being desires to follow from the deepest cores of your essence! It is probably the reason for your existence!

Remember what was the thing that you did and you actually felt more energized and excited even after hours of doing it. What excites your soul? What is the one thing you can talk about for centuries? What makes your eyes light up?

2. Travel.

When we travel to new places we are literally forcing our minds to think through new neural pathways. This activates your full potential, it fills you with wonder, passionate excitement and a sense of adventure.

I know a couple of people who have lived many years of their lives traveling across the world without much money and whenever I see them they have this positive energy that affects everybody around them!

You have felt this energy when you got back from a vacation, those first 2 days, you are just shining with positivity. That’s just a glimpse of Joie De Vivre.

3. Meet new people and hear their stories.

Meeting new people and hearing out their stories you are starting to see that each and every single person in the world has a powerful story within them.

You start to understand that we are not that much different after all, that there is so much good out there just waiting to be discovered. It fills you up with wonder, delight and excitement about the world.

And realizing that there is always something new to learn from each new person you meet is one of the most exciting things in the world!

4. Find a partner that you will raise in love with.

Finding someone that you truly resonate with, physically, emotionally but also, mentally and spiritually, is one of the best experiences in life.

Finding someone to be your partner in life, to build something with them and create a family while you can travel, have fun, laugh and share deep thoughts late at night while the whole world sleeps, is the ultimate exultation!

Having someone you would love with all your heart as a partner on this adventure of exploring and discovering, on a piece of rock circling around a fireball in midst of eternity and infinity, now that’s an exciting story!

5. Get in flow state.

A flow state is the “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

It is achieved through total immersion in an activity like running, surfing or even dancing, when we are completely present in the now, being free of the inner voice of criticism.

Discover what stimulates you into getting in this state and do it daily. Flow States are proven to boost the immune system, create a positive and happy mindset and peak the performance of the activity that you are practicing.

6. Face your fears.

They say that everything you ever wanted is inside the cave you most fear to enter.

Fear is not your enemy, it is a guard that tells you what is probably dangerous. However, when we let fear make most of our choices it takes away the reason for living.

Releasing yourself from that prison, consciously facing what you are afraid of, showing yourself that there is something more important than that fear, will make you feel the most alive! Most people feel lost, they think that they don’t know what they really love doing. But if there is something that you fear – approaching other people, being judged, public speaking, traveling, doing what you love – that’s your compass!

Going inside that cave despite being afraid, going behind that wall that protects you, OH BUDDY… that’s how you shine with your true light!

7. Understand this fact:

You are alive! The chance of you ever existing is unimaginably small. Even more, the chance of you existing as a human being, in this time and era with all this comforts and ways of having fun and entertainment is something anyone would kill for across all the human history!

There are endless things you can do, places you can go, books you can read, songs you can hear, movies you can watch, things you can learn! Nobody knows for sure what they are doing, everyone is just experimenting and exploring, and we are all sharing one planet inside one Galaxy from trillion of other galaxies in an ever expanding Universe that nobody knows how it came to be!

And inside this world you can follow your passion, travel, meet new people, find a partner that you will love, and have fun while following your own purpose… how can you not have Joie De Vivre?! You just need to really understand this fact!