Here Is Exactly How Intuition Works


There is a universal language that is constantly being communicated all around us and we are not even aware!

Reality is much different than we think. In fact, we can’t even perceive 99.9% of what’s happening around us, at least consciously.

Every single atom in The Universe communicates with one another through a universal language that instead of words, uses light. The communication agents that share these messages between the atoms are the electrons. The words they use are the different frequencies of light and the context depends on everything all at once, as everything is connected to everything else!

This universal language is the purest form of communication as the messages always tell the truth! It cannot be misunderstood.

Everything uses the language of light as its primary language, even if it might not seem that way at first glance. Atoms, Nature, Animals, EVERYTHING communicates through light. For us, humans, the perception of these ‘light messages’ is better known as Intuition!

Kerwin Rae is an international speaker who had a stroke back in 2009. He lost his short term memory and the ability to communicate with people so he needed to rely solely on sensing people’s energies.

This process of not listening to what people say and only relying to what they emit revealed something extraordinary to him. He realized that his intuition is always correct!

So he started to research and explain how this ‘strange’ ability worked and unveiled a big secret from reality!

THIS is exactly how intuition works: