8 Ways To Unlock The Most Important Power Of Your Soul


There are moments when we feel like someone is trying to tell us something. Like we are being contacted by some higher power that has a message for us.

All of us had that weird feeling at least once in their life. Most of the time we try to ignore that feeling. However, this inner guidance is probably our most accurate compass in life.

We are talking about the intuition. And when we say intuition we are not talking about the ‘over used’ term you hear all around the internet. We talk about REAL intuition!

Real intuition sometimes can be overwhelming. There are situations in anyone’s life in which the intuition is so powerful that it’s just unbelievable.

With the use of the intuition daily, even for small things, we can almost always make the rightest choice for ourselves.

And the best part is that with using this ability, we improve it and feel it more often, and it comes more naturally without much effort.

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence!Intuition

Some scientists claim that intuition is the highest form of intelligence. It’s a big chunk of information that can’t be processed quickly enough by our conscious mind, but other parts of our psyche can get the message and inform us through emotion.

Intuition could be very likely the language most things in nature communicate through, the universal language that humanity, for some reason, have forgotten.

Psychics and shamans tap into these dormant parts of our unconscious mind to communicate with Spirit Guides or some other forms of intelligence, and reveal information from the ‘higher’ levels of consciousness.

However, each of us has the ability to be intuitive. Once this ability was our main language that helped us survive. And there are ways through which we can all remember and unlock our dormant abilities!

Are you ready to unlock the fullest amount of intuitive energy that you have inside of you?

These are the 8 ways to unlock and connect with your intuition.8 Ways To Unlock The Intuition That You Already Have In You


What does it mean to entirely connect with yourself? It simply means that you need to be in congruence with yourself. The congruence lets you be who you really are and it is of crucial importance to know how to use it. Only when you are really honest with yourself, you will be able to connect to your inner self and to connect with your soul.


When we are trying to feel our intuition, we want to be present in that moment. Because only when we are in the NOW with our body and with our mind, we can receive the VIBRATION about something that is happening in that specific moment. We don’t want to go in the past or to go in the future. The NOW is the best moment for any decision.


All of us have 5 senses and we are using them daily. We use the senses for perception of different things; to see, to hear, to taste, to smell and to touch. These are the recognized psychological senses. By using these senses all at once, we can receive a lot more information than we are aware of. Try to take all the stimuli at once and hear the bigger message they all say together and not individually. Practice this in order to sharpen your intuition.


Try to feel the vibrations when they “come” to you in your physical body. When we are congruent in the present moment and we use our senses, we can let the intuitive vibrations fill us.


After receiving the intuitive vibrations, comes that “gut feeling”! However, it comes with a “message”. Before you try to understand the message TRUST your gut feeling. Connect with it. When we trust and connect with our gut feeling there is nothing to be scared of.


Calm down and just feel for a moment. You are now connected with most parts of your being, even with your soul. So let your soul guide you through and let yourself find the answers you need. Your soul will translate you the message.


Stay and feel the intuitive sparkling energy inside your body. Let it be there for a while.


To be aware of what? To be aware of everything written before. To be aware of the connection with your inner world, to be aware of the present moment, to be aware of your senses, to be aware of the vibrations, to be aware what your “gut” feeling is telling you and to be aware of your soul energy. And suddenly you will KNOW what your intuition is trying to tell you!


By following these steps, you will always know what your intuition tries to tell you.

By listening to your intuition you are listening to the ‘highest form of intelligence’ that’s trying to guide you.

Practice makes it perfect, so start today and get the best of your life.

About The Author: Magdalena Mihajloska is internationally certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach. She motivates, inspires and empowers people to obtain what they want in life. She is always ready to guide you through the positive way of setting your own goals. She shares her knowledge on her Facebook Page!