THIS Is The One Most Important Ability According To A Certified NLP Life Coach…


There are things in life that we can’t obtain, but there is one certain thing that it is always possible to have. Each person has an immense power and all we have to do to activate it is become aware of it!

The ultimate ability each person has is, of course, the CHOICE.

What is a CHOICE?

Do you make choices everyday? For what do you make choices? Are the choices important? Are you happy with those choices? Are you aware of your choices?

You can have a million questions!

Having the answers is important because we make it a conscious thing.

With making a thing or feeling conscious, we give power to it. We have an immense power that has to be used in order to obtain what we want.

A choice is, simply said, the act of choosing. Easier said than done. In order to take hold of this power we first have to become conscious that we have it.

How to take hold of your ultimate power?The Most Important Ability

Life is better when we are able to make different choices. We feel powerful and we can clearly see the options that we have. It is our right to choose what we want to do or how we want to feel in certain situation.

For whatever it is, a conversation with someone close to us, or something that we want to continue doing or stop doing, we are always able to choose.

With our choices we “insert” our emotions inside of our body. Those emotions are our own choice, no one else is guilty about what we have inside of us.

The choices that we make in the NOW are the best options that we have in that certain moment. Sometimes we go back in the past and we have regrets about what we have done. However, we must be aware that in that past moment we made that choice based on how we felt then, and not on how we feel in the NOW. That’s why we should never regret about doing something.

We have situations in life when the communication between two people goes in negative direction. Here we can always choose our mood, how to react and how to respond.

It is more important how we feel inside! We have the ability to choose to be calm in those kind of situations or we can choose to be angry. Everything is up to us.

What kind of energy we will “insert” inside of us, that’s what we will get and feel.

A lot of people don’t make aware choices. They choose to do the same things all over again. So, what they get for doing the same things everyday is, literally, the same actions and the same feelings. In other words “a routine”.

If we don’t like something that is happening in our life, we can change it. With changing our emotions about that situation, we move ourselves in different direction and we dissociate from it.

With doing this, we make choice to distance ourselves from what we find not good for us.


We, people, are energy, vibration and potential. The choices we generate about what to do with ourselves, with our energy, with our vibration and with our potential is the unlimited power the man is made of.

The happiness in our lives always depends on us and it is our choice to decide whether to have it or not.

You have the power to decide what emotions you “insert” into your soul.

Choose the reality you want to live in!

About The Author: Magdalena Mihajloska is internationally certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach. She motivates, inspires and empowers people to obtain what they want in life. She is always ready to guide you through the positive way of setting your own goals. She shares her knowledge on her Facebook Page!