Elon Musk Shocks Leo: 100 Of These GigaFactories And The Entire World Will Have Clean Power!


Humanity has reached a point where the old ways cannot be tolerated anymore. How we harvest energy and power the world has to change like… yesterday! Our ways don’t just harm ourselves, but our environment and every single living creature that calls this planet ‘home’.

Nikola Tesla wanted to give the world Free Energy. He claimed that electric energy is all around us we just need to create a receiver to tap into it and learn how to use it. But his ideas were rejected by the system that still feeds itself through the old ways.

People like Elon Musk see a bigger picture. They are inventors who see that the future where humanity survives and thrives is a future where we have new ways of powering the world.

That’s why he created something revolutionary, the best alternative way to power the entire world.

100 of these GigaFactories and the entire world will have clean power! That’s it!

If 100 of these can save our future and the future of countless other species on this planet, if 100 of these can fix our mess, why is not THE WHOLE WORLD acting…