How A Blind Person Who Has Never Seen Light Describes Color


Our senses render the reality we live in.

Imagine if you had a different organ to sense the frequency of light and instead of colors you perceive the different frequencies as feelings. Reality would be A LOT different for you. ART would be a lot different.

Color does not exist, different frequencies of light exist. Those different frequencies of light are translated by our eyes and brain as different colors. In fact, those are the only frequencies of light the objects we observe do not absorb.

Yet, color is a BIG part of our everyday life! It plays major part in how we communicate. Sometimes color is crucial for the choices we make and the emotions we feel.

But have you ever asked yourself what do blind people who have never seen any light think of color? How do they understand it?

A guy who was born blind speaks and describes color in the video below. Just listen what he has to say about black and white. It holds a powerful message, especially coming from a person who has never seen any black or white!

Our senses are tools that absorb data from the world we live in and they serve a crucial purpose for our survival. However, depending too much on the tool that examines reality you might lose a sense of the essence the thing you examine beholds.

Sometimes being able to perceive certain details can limit you from seeing the bigger picture. So it makes you wonder, what beauty are we ‘blind’ to just because we can see color…

Only when we look beyond color and shape we can SEE the truth!