This Girl Was Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest But She Lives More Fully Than Most People


There is a saying that real strength is found in midst of fragility. Virsaviya is an example of that.

Virsaviya Borun Goncharova was born with a condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell. In other words, she was born with her heart outside of her chest, just under her skin.

She came to America with her mother in hope that the doctors can do something about her condition.

However, doctors told them that she is too weak and because of her blood pressure they cannot do anything about her condition. So she has to learn to live with this.

It’s not easy neither for her, nor her mother, but they still choose a full life of excitement and fun.

Even though she is extremely fragile, she is living life more fully than most people. She is dancing, running and playing like every child.

And on top of that, she is the sweetest girl you’ll ever see. She is full of love to give and joy to share.

Having a kid is mostly like having your heart outside of you playing in the world, being vulnerable and open to the world that might hurt it.

But you must be open to the world in order to experience the beauty that can be found within it. And in the midst of being vulnerable, you find your greatest power.

Maybe we should all learn from this lovely kid to bravely reveal our ‘hearts’ to the world instead of being so afraid that we might get hurt, because that’s exactly how she lives!