I Don’t Care About TV Commercials, But THIS Is The Best One I Have Ever Seen…


The wilderness is a dangerous place. There are certain rules and elements that apply to all. You have to figure out your own way to survive, otherwise there is no forgiveness.

But this doesn’t mean there is no kindness. In fact, these harsh elements showed life to be there for each other.

The cold showed us the warmth that we can give to each other.

And sometimes, even the most dangerous animals can skip a meal to save a man who is trying. Because what’s universally honored, across all species, is strength of character. This is a rare commercial that will show you a different picture from what you’ve been used to see:

I’m sure many people will say that “This would never really happen” but if you do some research, accounts of wolves saving lost travelers far out number the stories of them attacking and killing people on the roadsides.

There is honor in Nature that is kind of faded in humanity. Many predators, when feeding off their prays, they would not touch the younglings. Even more, there are cases where, after a predator would kill the parents of an animal, and realize they had a little child, they would take care of it.

Nature, contrary to the popular belief, is not about “survival of the fittest”. We are the only ones who believe there is some kind of chain, or ladder in Nature while in fact it’s a circle where everything is connected with everything else.

Most animals would honor your strength, and even when you are too weak to fight back, they would not take advantage of you just so they can eat and survive.

Even though most animals base their whole lives upon surviving, paradoxically, they see it more clearly than us that life is not meant solely for survival.