If Your Partner Does These 5 Things You Are Dating An Emotional Psychopath…


A psychopath is a person who might appear normal on the outside, but on the inside they lack conscience and empathy. Because of this psychological disorder they are able to easily manipulate other people to suit their agenda.

While a regular psychopath does not even care how others feel, an emotional psychopath is someone who strictly focuses on manipulating the other person’s emotions.

An emotional psychopath is a person who wants to manipulate the emotional state of other people in order to satisfy their own ego.

They still do not care about your feelings and emotions, they only care about making you feel a certain way so they can get the pleasure they are seeking.

These people are deeply disturbed individuals. They have big hole in their egos they are desperately trying to fill by making others feel a certain way, it’s their addiction.

They usually try to make others feel the same, or very similar like they are feeling deep inside, and they do not even know it.

By making others feel what they are trying to avoid, they are getting a powerful fix that makes them feel like they are on the opposite side of the spectrum from that feeling they are running away.

These people need healing, and that’s why most of the time they end up in a relationship with souls who want to help them but end up enslaved in submission by their emotional abuse.

If the person you are dating does any of these 5 things they might be an emotional psychopath:Dating Emotional Psychopath

They are always trying to victimize you.

They are always finding ways to make you believe that everything is your fault. They will make you feel so bad about being the cause of all the trouble in your partnership that you will end up feeling guilty about it. They know that your guilt won’t let you leave them and they know how to manipulate people who feel week and powerless.

They are making you feel week and powerless because deep inside they are trying to avoid feeling week and powerless. And once you feel this way, and they can manipulate you, they are on the other side of the spectrum.

They lie constantly to make you feel bad.

They will make up a lot of fake facts and data. They will twist dates and important details. They will perpetrate false propaganda about you over and over again. They will do it so consistently to the point where even you start questioning your own sanity. They know that the more you doubt yourself, the more control they are going to have over you and over the relationship.

They do this because deep inside they are not feeling worthy of knowing the truth. They doubt themselves extremely and they hate this. If they are able to make others feel that way it gives them a sense of control over the truth and a feeling that they are not alone.

They blame you for their own mistakes.

They will tell you that they are not able to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions because of you. They will lead you to believe that they’re making lots of sacrifices for you. They will always find a way to make it seem like you’re the villain in their story.

They are doing this because deep inside they know that not living how they want to live is their fault. They project this blame upon others because they cannot stand facing it in themselves. They hate being the villain of their own story and it’s easier to make someone close to them the bad guy.

They belittle you in any possible way.

They don’t want you to have any sense of self worth. They want to take complete ownership of your being and so they will try to break you to the point wherein you lose all confidence. They will never fail to point out your flaws making you susceptible into doing whatever they want you to do.

They want to take away your sense of self worth because deep inside they feel worthless.

They isolate you from everyone else.

They know that loneliness and solitude can breed weakness. They want you to think that the only way you can get through life is if you stay with them. They want you to believe that no one else is going to help you escape from the hole that you’re stuck in.

They do this because deep inside they feel extremely lonely. They are lonely because even they are not connected with their truth, always trying to run away from it. They want to make you depended on them because they are scared of losing the only person close to them.

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