One Of The Most Hypnotizing Videos Of Nature With A Message That Will Touch Your Soul


Just because we don’t have the skills to understand Nature’s language does not imply that Nature is not intelligent. In fact, I believe that Nature is far more intelligent than the species it gives life to.

Imagine that time speeds up and you live on a giant’s body. You’ll start noticing the movement of the giant, how it breathes, how its hair grows, how it moves. And we will look like bacteria: humans, animals, all life. We will move faster, in a pattern, the length of our lives will be insignificantly short compared to that of the giant. But we will still be a part of the giant, its product, its extension.

The Earth is that giant. Time is relative and we all experience it differently. So maybe what we experience as an year, is only a second from The Earth’s perspective.

Just like our organism is home to bacteria that helps us live, The Earth is an organism, a home to all life that exists on it. All life on Earth helps to maintain its balance, harmony and health.

It has nervous system just like we do, it breathes just like we do, it feels just like we do, it speaks just like we do. But our ways of life, most of the time, go against the giant we live on, against many living beings that share this home with us.

And the truth is, it’s not you who is to blame, it’s not me, it’s not one person. It’s our ignorance, our support for large superficial systems that do the damage, and our inaction to change our ways.

We can go our own way. We can invent new systems and technologies, and we can turn our back on Nature. But will that be the right thing to do? Is that who we choose to be?

One Of The Most Hypnotizing Videos Of Nature With A Powerful Message:

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