Epic Video Just Showed Me How To Make The World A Paradise


The world is already a paradise, all you have to do is tune into that frequency. Let me explain…

You know about the 3 dimensions of course. There are 3 axes: the x, the y, and the z, that map the world around you. Time would be the 4th dimension that creates change between these 3 axes.

But there is 1 more axis that you probably didn’t know of. That’s the axis of the world you live in, the reality that overlays the other 4 dimensions. Think of it like a straight line going down through the earth and above to the vastness of space stretching infinitely.

You might be in the same place, at the same time, but experience a different world depending on where you are on this reality axis. And somewhere on this straight line the same world we are living in right now is paradise.

In order to tune into this world we have to tune into our hearts and resonate with love. It takes less than a minute to something out of your heart, literally! It’s that simple, and yet, that complicated. And as more people tune into their own hearts, as more people will get inspired to do the same.

It will create a large wave of positive change that will eventually come back at you and restore your faith in humanity. The greatest mistake we do is thinking that someone first needs to do good to us, so we can do good for others. It’s the other way around all along.

Just watch the epic video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about…