THIS Is The Worst Type Of An Emotional Vampire… Watch Out!


Every single one of us has a certain amount of energy to spend throughout the day. How and where we spend our energy is one of the main responsibilities of our conscious mind.

Our brain for example, spends 25% of the total energy we have available for 1 day. If we have 2000 calories to spend in a day, just our brain uses 500.

How we spend the other amount of energy we have available is completely our right and our choice. But sometimes there are people around us who are just like black holes, they suck our energy without us even realizing.

All of this happens on a deep subconscious level. They manipulate us to focus on them and establish an emotional connection which will drain us and in return give them that little energy snack.

These people are called ’emotional vampires’ and you should be aware to not let them suck your energy.

There are many types of Emotional Vampires but this is the one you should watch out from the most:

THE CHAMELEONChameleon Vampires

The 5 most famous types of emotional vampires are The Narcissist, The Victim, The Controller, The Constant Talker and The Drama Queen, but none of them is even close to THE CHAMELEON!

Chameleon vampires can morph into any of the other 5 types whenever they sense a need to.

They can be your friends, your family, and you might feel great around them. But once in a while they’ll become The Narcissist, or The Controller or even The Drama Queen if that fits their agenda.

That’s why they are the worst kind, because they don’t suck your energy all the time and you can never really know for sure that they are an emotional vampire. Whenever you try to fit them into a description, they will change or lay low. If you blame them for being Narcissistic they’ll become The Victim, and so on.

These people are often unaware of their behavior and they do this as a defensive mechanism whenever they feel threatened. Their ego defends the void because if they are convinced of their actions they’ll have to face their ego.

Because these people ultimately want to use your energy for their benefit, they don’t have much respect for it. They might be late, they might get angry at you for small mistakes, the might lack empathy what so ever.

But there is a way to know if you are dealing with an emotional vampire!Worst Type Of Emotional Vampire

There are 6 signs you’ve encountered an emotional vampire in your relationships, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even in your family.

1. Your eyelids are heavy, and you feel ready for a nap.

2. Your mood takes a nosedive and you feel unmotivated.

3. You want to binge on carbs or comfort foods.

4. You feel anxious, depressed, or negative.

5. You notice a slimy feeling when you’re in their presence.

6. Your chest tightens when you meet them.

Even though these people are still people, they are still good at heart and they probably don’t have bad intentions, you should keep a safe emotional distance.

There is a void inside their subconsciousness created by their ego and integrated in their character that sucks all energy around them and can never be filled.

So the best way to deal with them is to respect your own energy:

– Put healthy boundaries when interacting with them. Say ‘no’ when it’s necessary.

– You be aware, even if they are not, that they subconsciously try to use your energy. Think and act rationally.

– Take a deep breath, centre yourself and stand your ground. Do not allow them to bring you down to their level.

– Do not react, stay neutral. They will get bored and go feed off someone else.

– Stop trying to change and uplift them. Show them glimpses of their errors and doorways for change but let themselves decide to pass through. They are not your responsibility.

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