THIS Is What Happens When A Rabbi, A Priest and A Homosexual Atheist Smoke Weed Together…


There are so many labels in the world these days which keep us separated in sides and groups. From our gender and religion to the size of our bodies and sexual orientation, we are judged, sorted out and, sometimes, even blamed.

But we all forget one simple, but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT truth: we are all one. We are all in the same freakin’ ship!

It doesn’t really matter what group you belong to, or what you believe in, FRIENDSHIP trumps everything!

If you are able to love, to sit down, have a drink (or in this case smoke a joint), have a little chat and a couple of sincere laughs, you make the world a better place. Just by doing that!

Just see what happens when a rabbi, a priest and an atheist smoke weed together.

It’s one of the most HONEST videos I’ve seen in a long time…