THIS Guy Hit His Head After Jumping In The Pool. After He Woke Up He Was A Musical GENIUS!


A man who suffered concussion after diving into a shallow pool has made a seemingly improbable discovery: it made him a musical genius!

Derek Amato now plays eight instruments he could not play before, as well as brushing up on his guitar skills, which he described as being a ‘2.5 out of 10’ before the accident.

Amato, who cannot read music, explained that he knew what to play as he could see black and white squares in his head that show him where to move his fingers.

“That’s my notation,” he said. “When those black and white squares are going, that’s what my hands do. I’m convinced it’s all for a reason and it’s my job to do it right.”

In 2002, he became homeless after losing everything on a business investment, he wrote on his blog. “I was sleeping in my car at rest stops for 3 months while looking for a job,” he wrote.

He worked a string of jobs including public relations, karate teaching, sales and baseball coaching, without knowing what he truly wanted to do.

In October 2006, he was partying with friends when he jumped into the pool and hit his head. After collapsing, Amato was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a serious concussion. Doctors also found he had a permanent 35 per cent loss of hearing, as well as memory loss. But they didn’t expect that he would get A SUPER ABILITY!

“The headaches and the loss of hearing are the price tag for this gift,” he said. This super ability came as a godsend for the man who didn’t know what to do with his life.

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Posted by BBC Two on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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