9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You That You Might Be Ignoring…


Earth is a living organism and Nature is its spirit. It is what gives life, what gave life to us and what’s maintaining it through a sacred balance that no man can fabricate.

With our technological societies and fast paced lifestyles we tend to forget who we really are, where we truly come from. We are all a part of this great spirit.

Even though most of us don’t even think about how their actions impact their lives, Nature always cares. We are her children and she wants us to reach our full potential.

Sometimes when we lose ourselves, Nature is there to share her higher wisdom, to guide us back on tracks.

How Nature Communicates?Ways Nature Communicate With You

We are communicating mostly through words, signs and symbols we’ve created to understand each other. But Nature communicates with her own signs, symbols and subtle clues. That’s the universal language every living being subconsciously understands.

Our brains are wired to ignore most of these signs because we “don’t need them” in the modern world we live in. And because we need to manage the sensory bombardment of society, we focus only on those items that feel pertinent.

While this is useful for our nervous system, it’s adapted over time to fit the modern era, and deletes the input unnecessary for survival.

Communication from the universe lives in the mystical system that requires acute and sustained awareness.

The very things we may be omitting are likely the most important messages from the universe around us.

These messages lie in the natural world; a world from which many of us are disconnected.

Here are the 9 subtle ways Nature might be trying to communicate with you:

1. Animals:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Animals

We are all connected. All animals are a part of the giant oneness of Nature and, sometimes, she communicates through them.

Whenever you encounter a strange animal approach you, or feel that there is something weird about it approaching you, like it should mean something, don’t take it for granted.

Meditate on it. Think about what the animal might represent for you; what it might try to tell you; what are its characteristics that Nature might be telling you to find in yourself;

2. Feathers:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Feathers

Sometimes we ignore what’s been laid in front of us, like feathers. But feathers aren’t just random bird droppings!

Feathers carry the vibration of the bird, they hold the migratory path and rhythm of its flight. To overlook these common messages is easy, but you miss on the love Nature is sharing with you.

They are like a reminder, like a ‘Hello’ coming from the grand spirit we are all connected through.

3. Numbers:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Numbers

We didn’t invent math, we discovered it. The Universe communicates through geometry and numbers are just simplified, concentrated information of geometrical figures.

The whole concept of numerology is based on that. Each number carries meaning that your subconscious mind can perceive. That’s why it matters when you see a particular number show a couple of times, because it’s not about the number it’s about YOU perceiving it. There are many numbers that fly by you all throughout the day that you don’t perceive, but you perceive this one in particular.

There is a reason behind it, and you should consider diving into the meaning behind this number. There is a message waiting to be unveiled.

4. Weather:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Weather

The weather is the most common Natural expression we tend to overlook. It’s the ‘body language’ of Nature on a large scale.

Lightning, thunder, clouds and rainbows, even natural ‘disasters’ communicate something with us. It might be more of a societal message than personal, but there are times that the messages are aimed towards an individual.

Look around once in a while and try to understand what the weather is communicating. The messages sometimes might be intended for you.

5. Signs:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Signs

This is the most perceived form of communication that people capture when Nature is trying to tell us something. When you start looking for a sign of The Universe you will usually find it on the most unusual place.

An ad, a Facebook post, a name of a bar, in a movie, a song on the radio, a word from a stranger…

You will get the sign and it will touch deep inside you. For others it might be nothing extraordinary, but for you it will be a ‘zipped file’ of answers, meaning and wisdom you’ve been looking for.

6. Invitations:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Invitations

This is a really subtle way Nature is trying to communicate with you. The ‘phone might ring’ for a long time in this case.

There might be an invitation for you to go somewhere that you decline. Then, you might get another offer to go to the same country or place. After a couple of years you might get free tickets for a concert at that particular place.

It is in this place that you will find a powerful message from Nature that you need to hear. The Universe constantly offers us invitations to deepen our path and follow our hearts. And when we do, blessings are bestowed.

7. Intuition:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Intuition

Not just that we are connected with Nature, but WE ARE Nature, our bodies come from it.

They communicate with us through feelings and emotions, and sometimes Nature communicates through them. These are really personal messages intended for you.

Sometimes you feel something is not right, sometimes you feel you should do something; don’t ignore these messages. Intuition is a big chunk of information that your subconscious mind processes much faster than your conscious.

8. Dreams:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Dreams

It is when we dream that our subconsciousness is free to show us messages that we’ve been suppressing with our conscious mind.

The science of dreams is vast, but the philosophy of why they mean something is the same. Not all dreams tell something in particular, but there are some dreams that you just know have a deeper message.

The easiest way for Nature to get to you is through dreams with your subconsciousness as a mediator. These dreams are like a ‘voice message recordings’ from Nature that we need to listen after we wake up.

9. Smells:9 Ways Nature Is Trying To Communicate With You Smells

Chemical reaction and a release of scents is one of Nature’s common languages.

When you smell something burning you immediately know that there is fire and potential danger nearby. It’s a form of communication between you and Nature that we’ve learned long time ago, so our species can better survive.

Even though we know what some smells mean, there are many times we ignore a particular smell just because it is not signaling a life threatening situation. These smells still mean something and they carry messages that Nature is trying to send to you. You should listen to them.