Moose Falls Through Ice And Starts Drowning, But This Brave Woman Finds A Smart Way To Rescue It


Nature is giving and kind. But there is another side to Nature that we rarely see these days, being protected by the bubble of society.

Nature is not something to joke with. It only takes one wrong step and you might potentially lose your life. That’s why it is called wilderness.

Many people decide to live in Nature, and that’s completely alright, but we should be aware that Nature is not a harmless place.

Yeah, we are meant to live surrounded by natural things and we feel recharged when we walk among nature, we need Nature as it is a part of us.

But if you go unprepared, Nature can be ruthless and unforgiving. It’s a much larger system than you and everybody is for themselves.

People complain about their coffee order being mistaken or too cold. If you don’t find food in the wilderness, hunt and kill, if you don’t find shelter or build one, nobody even cares if you complain. In fact, animals will make you a prey so they can eat.

We might think of ourselves as wild animals in certain instances, we might think that we only harm animals and think for ourselves, but there are some of us who risk their lives to save and protect species that might never even realize what we’ve done.

Such example is this brave woman who uses her intelligence to save a moose that falls through the thin ice.

The couple were just ice skating on the remote lake when they spotted a struggling animal. They knew they had to help but with no equipment and a large moose panicking for his life this was a dangerous rescue.

I was at the edge of my seat the whole time until he made it out. Amazing job.