THIS ‘Forgotten’ 5 Min. Activity Boosts Your Immune System, Self Confidence, Wellbeing…


This activity does not only boost your self confidence, your immune system, mood and overall wellbeing but gets rid of feelings like anger, confusion, depression, tension…

And it is an activity most of us have forgotten about. It’s really simple and you have probably heard of it. It’s called Taking A Walk!

5 Min. Activity Boosts Wellbeing

The trick is that you need to do it in a natural environment for the amazing effects to take action.

The Green Exercise Research Program at the University of Essex (UK) has started to quantify some of these health benefits.

“The research has involved a range of different types of nature therapies, contexts, activities, clients, motivations and needs, but all have shown positive health and wellbeing benefits. Findings report that many types of activities, irrespective of activity and duration, lead to improvements in self-esteem and mood, by reducing feelings of anger, confusion, depression and tension. We have also measured physical health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, and seen how engaging in group activities facilitates social networking and connectivity.” (source)

You don’t have to live close to a park so you can do this activity the right way.

Here is a list of all the places you can use. For example, Take A Walk:

  • on the beach;
  • in a park;
  • through a forest;
  • by a lake;
  • in your garden;
  • by a river;
  • across the moors;
  • on the plains;
  • over the hills;
  • through the fields;
  • in the snow;
  • in the rain;
  • in the sun;
  • in the wind;

All you need is 5 minutes, one of this places and your legs.

It’s really simple, in fact, it’s so simple that you might doubt its benefits.

But when you start doing it, you won’t believe how you forgot about this activity! You’ll be amazed what 5 minutes per day of walking among nature can do!