NASA Is Going To Create The Coldest Place In The Universe! THIS Is Why…


Creating the hottest place in The Universe is not going to happen due to the fact that will probably obliterate everything in our Solar System, and yeah, we don’t know how.

However, creating the coldest place in The Universe is not just possible, but scientists have already set things in motion.

As you know, hot and cold are just descriptions of how fast are the atoms of a certain object moving. What we call cold is just atoms moving slower due to the lack of energy.

Coldest Temperature In The Universe

The coldest temperature on Earth has been measured in 2010 on east Antarctica. It was chilling minus 136 degrees Fahrenheit (-93 Celsius). Space in Earth’s orbit, according to NASA, is around minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit (-156 C). Pluto, the furthest dwarf planet from Earth, is on average minus 350 degrees Fahrenheit (-212 C). The coldest place known in The Universe is the Boomerang Nebula in the constellation Centaurus with minus 458 degrees Fahrenheit (–272 C).

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will attempt to create the coldest known point in the universe in a small box aboard the International Space Station.


The coldest possible place would logically be a place where there is no movement AT ALL, neither on atomic or subatomic level.

Scientists say that things cannot possibly get colder than 0 Kelvin or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (-273.15 C). It’s physically impossible. In this temperature particles simply stop moving. In The Whole Universe there is no place colder than 459 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s simply not possible.

However, scientists now believe they can cool atoms to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero (459.67 F) using lasers.

NASA Creating The Coldest Temperature

By plucking warm particles out of gases with lasers and radio waves, the Cold Atom Laboratory phases the gas into a fifth state of matter — the common states are solids, liquids, gases and plasmas — called a “Bose-Einstein condensate,” where atoms synchronize and move collectively as a sort of conga line or a wave.

The Five States Of Matter

The engineering team had to shrink a room-sized instrument into a box roughly the size of a mini-refrigerator and make it modular so astronauts could upgrade or fix it without needing lengthy training.

They are doing this in space because they lose the interference of Gravity and other factors that could mess with atoms.

But why are they even doing this? Why do scientists need to create the COLDEST place in The Entire Universe?

It’s certainly not for bragging, or space tourism. They are opening a door toward a mysterious realm, the world of complete stillness.

“It’s only by making these measurements that we can understand the fundamental physics behind gravity, or how complexity arises in the universe,” said Anita Sengupta, project manager for the Cold Atom Laboratory.

Space Advancement

The experiments could lead to extremely sensitive detectors for studying gravity, inertia and time, all of which play key roles in advancement of space travel. However, what excites scientists the most, is the possibility of discovering ways of moving liquid or an electrical current without losing energy to resistance.

Whatever they discover, they are going to peak into a world with temperature that possibly doesn’t exist anywhere in The Universe. That fact alone is exciting!

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