THIS Small Canadian Town Offers Land And Job To Anyone Willing To Move


Cape Breton is a small and beautiful island just off the east coast of the Canadian state of Nova Scotia. This remote, idyllic paradise is the place of dreams for those who want a simpler life, living off the grid and closer to nature.

Now a local business The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market wants to help people make this dream into a reality. They are offering a job and a place to build a home to anyone who wants to move to Cape Breton.

BEAUTIFUL ISLAND NEEDS PEOPLE “We can’t give you big money, but we can give you an awesome life,” reads the business’s advertisement on Facebook,

“Our business is busy from May to December, with slower months January to April, so you can enjoy our amazing winters. We have lots of good ideas, and we want to continue to build on our accomplishments, but we don’t have enough hands to help.” They said that they can only offer modest wages for the work but that there are other perks involved. The business will give anyone who wants to come and work for them 2 acres of woodland where they set up their own homes. If they stay in Cape Breton for five years, then they will transfer ownership of the land to them as a gift. In the meantime, they would be given full access to the farmland owned by the business so that they could truly live off the land.

The business has solid reasons for making such an unusual and generous offer to outsiders.

The population of Cape Breton has been decreasingly steadily for a number of years. In the past, corporate development has been seen as the offer to the stagnating community but, as the business owners explained, this has often come at a cost, both to the quaint way of life enjoyed on the island and the beautiful local environment.

The business wants to expand in a different way by inviting like-minded people to work with them in an environmentally responsible way.

Anyone who is interested is invited to email their CV along with a personal letter to [email protected]