12 Plants That Will Supercharge Your Home With Positive Energy


Have you ever walked inside someone’s home and suddenly felt strange? Like you have these subtle negative emotions accumulating; or maybe you felt sleepy; or your concentration and focus are just gone;

Every home creates and contains different types of energies which impact the feelings and the accomplishments of the people who live there.

There are energies which are potent and easily identifiable, but there are also energies which are more subtle and are only felt intuitively.

The study of Feng Shui is mainly focused on harmonizing spaces so the energies inside them are pleasant and positive. To understand it simply, these energies are frequencies radiated from the objects inside a certain place.

If these frequencies are harmonious than the energy is positive, if the frequencies are disharmonious and conflict with each other than the energy is negative (imagine the difference of breathing a clean air in a peaceful garden and listening to a loud constraction noise).

Plants are living things and the closest thing to Nature you can put inside your own home. They radiate harmonious energy. However, there are plants who just beam with positive energy and it’s wise to have them inside your home.

They will boost your living surrounding with positivity which will result in improvement of your overal mood, success and fulfillment.

Here are the 12 plants that radiate most positive energy:


People in Persia have considered this plant to be sacred, thanks to its numerous benefits. Namely, this fragrant flower can:

– Boost the energy levels
– Create romance
– Decrease the anxiety levels
– Trigger the heart chakra
– Improve the productivity
– Enhance the self-esteem
– Make the relationship stronger
– Improve the quality of sleep



More and more people are becoming familiar with the medicinal benefits of rosemary. This plant is one of the best when it comes to purification of the home. Some of its numerous benefits are the following:

– Improves the memory
– Triggers calmness
– Combats anxiety
– Gets rid of the negative energy
– Combats insomnia
– Combats fatigue

By keeping a rosemary bush next to your front door you make sure that you keep the negativity outside.



This multifunctional plant is considered to be the flower of birth. It is efficient when it comes to clearing out emotional, spiritual, and physical problems. Furthermore, this plant is ideal for your bedroom, as it stimulates serenity and tranquility in the sleep.



This plant has incredible effects when it comes to getting rid of negative emotions, including fear and anger. Sage is known to contribute to a better flow of positive energy. It also has a number of medicinal benefits. Sage also purifies the space it is positioned in from bacteria, but you should be careful where you keep it. Do not keep it on dry places with insufficient humidity.



When it comes to air purification, the number one plant is ivy, as it is able to absorb formaldehyde. This plant gets rid of the harmful and unwanted toxins in the environment. It is recommended to people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

However, you should be careful and watch out where you keep this plant, as it is toxic to pets and children, so it should be situated out of their reach.



Aloe vera is one of the plants with incredible healing properties. Aloe is also known for its ability to eliminate the polluting chemicals from the environment and purify the air, so keeping it in your bedroom or at another place in your house will improve the air you breathe and get rid of the toxic chemicals present in the cleaning agents.

Aloe is also very beneficial when it comes to combating the bad luck and the negative vibes in your home.

The aloe vera plant is going to give you a clear sign that the air in your home contains a high level of harmful chemicals by developing brown spots on its leaves.



This plant has potent antioxidant properties and attracts the positive vibrations from the environment. Moreover, it has excellent anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial effects. Basil is a plant that can get rid of the negative energy, but also produce oxygen and absorb toxins including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

The leaves of basil are used for preparation of tea or water which can be later sprayed around the house for purification of the home.



Even the Feng Shui admits that the orchid is able to improve the spiritual wellbeing and the energy in the home. This plant releases oxygen throughout the night and balances the energies during your night’s sleep. It brings a positive energy in the home which contributes to romance and love and removes the obstacles that negativity poses in the home.



This amazing herb is a must for your home, as it brings together the energies in the family. It has a specific smell that stimulates happiness, love, peace, and spiritual cleansing. Oregano is an ideal plant when it comes to getting rid of the negativity and welcoming the positive energy into your home. It is recommended that you keep it in the kitchen, exposed to sufficient quantities of sunlight.



This fragrant herb has numerous benefits, some of the being:

– Elimination of toxins
– Reducing the levels of stress
– Reducing the levels of blood pressure
– Improving relaxation
– Slowing down the heart rate
– Alleviating headaches, depression, insomnia, and other ailments



This plant is considered to be the symbol of love in almost all parts of the world. However, the rose also had a powerful healing energy and gets rid of the toxins and the negativity while it brings passion to the home, as well as to the life.



The Feng Shui claims that this plant has energy that produces a flow that attracts wealth and good luck. You are recommended to keep this plant indoors, as it can absorb the synthetic chemicals from the furniture. In addition, the money plant can help you alleviate stress and anxiety in your home.

Source: Balanced Living Life;