THIS Is Why Ian McKellen Doesn’t Want To Have Kids…


He notes that he is the last of the McKellens, but it’s not something he’s particularly bothered by.

“I don’t feel anything about it, really. I think I’ve always known I wouldn’t have children, because I’m gay. That wouldn’t have been true today, would it?” says the star, whose older sister, Jean, died in 2003.

“I don’t feel I’ve got a responsibility to produce another McKellen.”

In fact, he was very glad not to have children.

“Bringing up children is the most dreadfully difficult thing to do, and so few people are good at it. I’m far too selfish. I mean, I know parenthood can change people’s personalities in a good way, but I find it difficult making decisions about my own life.

To have to make decisions about someone who’s dependent on you… I can see it would be very alluring to look into the eyes of a little boy or girl who looked like oneself, that must be extraordinary, and reassuring in some way.

But I don’t look to my legacy, I suppose that’s what makes me different from a lot of people. My contribution has been of another sort,” he says.

Having children is one of the most beautiful experiences of life and the meaning of looking at your children’s eyes cannot be completely described.

However, it’s not a must. You don’t have to have children in order to add value to the world. Or to continue your heritage. You choices, your life, your art, those things continue your heritage. Those things add value.

Not having children if you are not ready is far better than having children just so you continue your DNA code. Living is about more than that!

Source: Irish Examiner;