The Speech That Brought The Whole World To Tears!


As I was searching the net looking to find new interesting stories for Life Coach Code I stumbled upon this video. At first I thought it’s like most motivational videos out there, but after I saw it whole, I realized that THIS might be the most important video you’ll ever watch!

It’s not a motivational video, it’s more honest than that. It’s a wake up call, the one that’s ringing and we are all ignoring!

We ignore the ones that love us the most! We turn our back on them. We act the worst way possible with them, the only people who REALLY believe in us. And then, we lose them…

And we realize how freaking INSIGNIFICANT those little things we argued about and hated them for were. It’s like we live inside this whiny illusion constructed of insignificant problems, distractions and chores, and when someone we love is gone we pull our heads out and see what’s really happening. What matters. What really does:

THIS Simple Message Brought The Whole World To Tears

Say how you feel to the ones you love! Tell them! Stop pretending and LOVE THEM like you do!