THIS Is A Definitive Proof That Healing With Energy Is REAL!


When something happens on a psychological level and it affects us, it must be processed.

Some people try to release the emotions through movement, some exercise, some dance, some create art. And that’s all good. But many of us usually try to run away from the situation and the emotion.

However, like I said, whatever affects us on a psychological level must be processed. If we try to run away from the emotion it will just get stored and accumulated in our body. And where is a blockage of energy there is pain.

Healing this pain can happen instantly once we face with the emotion we run away from. But a lot of times people don’t even know what they are running away from so they need to use alternative ways to heal.

Healing with energy is a controversial topic that not many people take seriously, but here is a definite proof that it’s real.

Healing has many layers but it usually starts from the emotional level. Emotions are patterns of movement your energy does. Each emotion is a different pattern, different movement, and that’s why they affect us differently.

When we try to avoid or run away from an emotion, we suppress this movement of energy. It gets stored inside our body and remains there like a knot, like a postponed information waiting to be processed.

The best way to process this information is to feel it. To stop running away from the emotion and let it affect us deeply. When we surrender to the emotions we run away from, we get rid of that resistant tension and the anxiety is gone. The emotion is processed and it’s released.

For everyone who want to watch the whole video with the raw, unedited footage, here it is: