9 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Hard Time Finding Love


Are you an old soul? Do you feel like you’ve been around, on this planet, for eons? Like you’ve seen and heard almost everything; like you can see right through people, through the illusions and the fakeness of this world?

Old souls have a deep sense of wisdom and truth. Deep inside they feel old and wise no matter what their biological age is. This is because their soul really was around for a long time, living many different lives in different time periods.

They have acquired wisdom and sense for the truth by observing the world from different aspects capturing a glimpse from its essence.

However, this wisdom has a consequence. Just like old people find hard to fit in the lifestyle of the new generation, old souls can have a hard time fitting in among younger souls.

Their maturity and strength can give them hard time finding love. This is why:

9 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Hard Time Finding Love:

1. Old souls have a strong sense of identity.Old Souls have a strong Sense of identity

We all have some sense of identity. Who we think we are. And this identity is mostly shallow. In one instance we are one person, in another instance we are completely different. There is a part of our mind which is responsible for our identity, and just like a mask it can replace it with another personality depending on the situation and what suits our configuration the most.

However, through all these masks there are essences which are shining through, constants which are always there, no matter who you are. These are fragments of the REAL YOU and old souls have collected a lot of them through their many lifetimes.

That’s why they have a strong sense of identity which goes beyond their masks. They know WHO THEY ARE, which means they also know, specifically, what they want in a partner, what works and what doesn’t.

While this is fantastic in terms of being able to choose wisely, it ultimately diminishes their pool of prospects pretty significantly.

2. Old souls are hyper intuitive.Old Souls have Hyper Intuitiveness

Being around for a long time gives old souls a deep sense of meaning. They are deeply sensitive, you can even say over sensitive. They’ve seen the mistakes people do over and over again, they know what doesn’t matter and what REALLY matters in this world. And certain things, which can be insignificant for other people, affect them deeply.

Their over sensitive nature results in over thinking. Think of it like adding more water to a bigger fire in order to balance the scale and avoid the fire to burn down everything. Over thinking serves as cooling off strong emotions.

Their over stimulation of feeling and thinking results in a kind of a superpower, hyper intuition. Old souls are hyper intuitive. They can sense when something is wrong, especially in relationships, a long time before other people are even aware there might be a problem.

Their capacity to worry and make assumptions can break relationships that don’t have a perfectly strong foundation. But this can also strengthen the right relationships. It depends on how well you wield your superpower.

3. Old souls usually search for their twin flame.Old Souls look for their Twin flames

Through their many lifetimes, old souls met countless other souls that they interacted with. And then, among these souls, there was one that their core fell in love with.

Because of some strange force, or destiny, these 2 souls are entangled in the river of time always gravitating towards one another. They exist in the same time periods and always find ways to meet each other, even though consciously they have no idea about this.

And when they meet, it’s like they’ve known each other for eternity. It just feels right. It feels like home for a reason they cannot explain. It’s like a really beautiful love story The Universe tries to tell over and over again.

Old souls are often attached to their “forever” people and these intense higher dimensional connections can conflict with the not so special relationships they make. Their deeper love for the twin flame can degrade and even ruin any other relationship.

4. Old souls have a greater purpose.Old souls know their Greater Purpose

As they lived they grew. As they grew they understood their purpose a little better. Old souls have a strong sense of what they are here to do.

Their purpose glimpsing through their many lifetimes shines only stronger and stronger. Each and every single lifetime they unveil a layer from this essence, getting deeper and deeper to the core. They understand more and more what their purpose stands for, what it means.

This strong sense of purpose sometimes can be scary for old souls. It’s scary because they know it’s bigger than anything else in the world.

This drive is so strong that can make them forget about anything else. It can obsess them to a level that they don’t even think about finding someone until they do what their purpose says to.

5. Old souls find the whole “game” stupid and boring.Old Souls don't like the Dating Game

First of all, they require a lot more than just a surface level “average” relationship. They would rather spend eternity alone than be in a mundane relationship that is based on an imaginary scoreboard of who called who how many times.

Second, they feel so deeply and sometimes others find this scary. This can push them away. They don’t just seek a lover, they seek a deep connection, a best friend.

Third, it doesn’t always come naturally for them to go out and just look for a hook up. It’s like asking a grown up to stay in kindergarten and play like a child without thinking or worrying about their ‘grown up’ work in any moment.

And fourth, dating is inherently exhausting to an old soul. The “game” is stupid for them. It’s wasting time. Faking disinterest for the sake of looking cool, dominating egos for the sake of attraction, calculating how many days need to pass before texting is just EXHAUSTING for them. It’s not fun at all.

6. Old souls attract people who need help.Old Souls Attract people who need help

Old souls are natural healers. Their wisdom and ability to look through others, at their deepest selves, comes handy if you are a psychologist. However, in the dating world they are a magnet for people who need help.

For old souls it is really satisfying to help someone else peek into the depths of their real self. It feels like showing them a reality of the world they live in and only few can see.

For the people who need help, old souls are a match because subconsciously they know these people can show them the answers they’ve been looking for.

However, that’s not a lasting relationship. At some point in time, it’s crucial for old souls to realize that they have to choose a partner, not a student, or a charity case.

7. Old souls have an extremely high standards.Old Souls Have High Standards

Being through so much, old souls have a strong sense of identity and they expect nothing but perfection from themselves. However, expecting so much from themselves they expect nothing less from others too.

Their principals are almost impenetrateable. Their priorities are well set. They might lack boundaries but their perfectionism is always there. They despise superficial and meaningless things with low quality that waste time.

But perfection is a grand illusion that, chasing it, can paradoxically make you blind to the perfect beauty around you. It can make you miss the perfection hiding in the imperfection of the world. It can make you very lonely.

Old souls expect a lot from themselves, so likewise, they expect a lot from their partners. While this is a great thing, it’s another quality that has to be kept in check. Nobody is perfect. It’s more important to be able to accept the qualities that aren’t perfect than it’s to just write a person off because they’re imperfect.

8. Old souls have baggage.Old souls have baggage

As the soul grows you face and cope with different challenges and loses, adventures and experiences.

All of this leaves a mark on the self. It creates monsters to face, karma to deal with. Solely the memories from their past lifetimes stored deep in the unconscious of old souls are baggage themselves.

Even though old souls already dealt with all those things and grew pass them, they still have consequences. The fact that they learned those lessons makes them different individuals. It filters out people they want to connect with, the topics they want to talk about, things that excite them, things they want to do, learn.

While this is a great thing on its own, unresolved issues can still surface in close relationships. Old souls have a bigger baggage. They usually have a couple issues still pending. Most relationships face the unresolved issues problem, however, for a weak relationship this can be a deal breaker.

9. Old souls feel fear as intensely as they feel love.Old souls feel fear as intensly as they feel love

Fear is always a reminder that there is something on the other side, something you fear losing, something you love. That’s why the saying ‘everything you love is on the other side of fear’ or ‘the greatest treasure lies in the cave you most fear to enter’ are some of the truest sayings ever said.

The degree to which old souls love something is proportionate to how much they fear losing it, or not being “good enough” for it.

They don’t just love intensely, they feel everything else intensely, too, and sometimes, that gets in the way of the really good things in front of them.

That’s why when an old souls makes the first step it means SO MUCH. They are faced with their extremely intense fear, they risk losing something of GREAT significance to them. What is another chance to a regular person, for an old soul is soul crashing torment that can take months or even years to overcome. But a love from an old soul is a love that inspires art, music and the most epic stories ever told. It’s worth the wait.