The Whole World Is Going Backwards! THIS Is Why…


One of the biggest wisdoms I have ever learned is that there is no straight line in Nature. ‘Straight’ is a concept of the mind; that’s why we perceive time as an arrow and cannot grasp the phenomenon of infinity.

However, in reality there are no perfect cycles, nor perfect straight lines; just like there is no solely male and solely female energy; in every Yin there is a little Yang and in every Yang there is a little Yin; everything is a mix of the 2 elements. Some things containing one element more than the other.

We live inside a Universe of cycles. We measure days, months, years, decades, millennia, bigger cycles like the axial precession and our Solar System orbiting around the Milky Way galaxy. These cycles, by themselves are circular. However, they are entangled with another element that by itself is straight; change, or like we use to call it, time.

Because of their entanglement, everything in The Universe progresses spirally. Everything comes back from where it started, but it’s not the same thing which returned; every day the sun comes up but not one day is the same as another.

The Universe is filled with such waves. Even in astrology there is a term ‘retrograde’ which means a planet is appearing to go backwards. In this period nothing seems to work, communication is disrupted, and even relationships are terminated.

We cannot just go forward in order to grow. We must take few steps backwards from time to time.

THIS is what’s happening with the world right now!THIS Is Why It Seems Like The WHOLE World Is Going Backwards 3

The whole world, the evolution of consciousness is having a retrograde moment.

Since 2012 the majority of the world started awakening. People dived deep into spiritual topics, sacred knowledge, highly conscious information.

The people started looking inward, dealing with their own demons and seeing the beauty that was around them for the first time since childhood.

We started seeing through all of our differences and the respect for one another grew. We created art, music, movies that penetrated deep with higher wisdom.

It felt like we are upgrading as species.

And suddenly, ALL OF THIS progress seem to have stopped!

People started showing their inner monsters, the world started seeming scarier and scarier, the excitement, the love we felt for one another, the higher knowledge… Everything started looking pointless. Annoying even!

Even movies, songs, everything turned backwards. We started recreating old stories. The world lost substance, like everything is all the same just in a different light!

According to astrologists, when Mercury is in retrograde, this period is dedicated to gaining insight about ourselves that we had no idea of. It’s a reality check, a period of attaining powerful wisdom and clarity.

It’s the same with the world today!THIS Is Why It Seems Like The WHOLE World Is Going Backwards

The consciousness of humanity is going in retrograde so we can get an insight about a part of ourselves we started neglecting, being blinded by the light of the higher spiritual knowledge.

Countless quotes, articles, videos about what’s right, how to open our eyes, how to awaken.. can blind us. They can make us forget about the people we coexist with. They can make us ignore the shadows inside ourselves. They can make us forget about what really matters!

It’s one thing to know what’s right, it’s another to implement it in the world. Light by itself is just brightness and darkness is its absence. It’s what you do with both that matters.

When something is shining really bright we can be blinded. Sometimes we need darkness to dim the light so we can see what’s shining. Because that’s what REALLY matters in the end. That’s what gives the light. That’s what we really need to study and understand.

All the spiritual knowledge can make you idle, blind to reality. It can make you live in false paradise without sense of what we really need to work on as species.

The TRUTH is: the world needs healing! That’s why our mutual evolution of consciousness arrived at a sudden stop. It’s a self defense mechanism of our psyche, letting us know that we cannot turn our back to the wounds we have caused to each other and pretend everything is alright.

This is why you shouldn’t worry about the world seeming to go backwards.THIS Is Why It Seems Like The WHOLE World Is Going Backwards 1

We needed to take few steps backward so we can understand a little better the knowledge we have acquired. Because the knowledge by itself is not important, it’s the way we’ll use it and what we’ll use it for.

These moments seem like a test because that’s how we perceive them; it seems like you’ve been given lessons, theory, and suddenly you are out on the field, all by yourself, needing to implement in practice what you have learned.

And that’s when we grow!

When you choose to do what’s right even when majority of the world says otherwise. When you choose to go forward even when the wind is blowing against you. That’s when you use the essence of what you have learned!

That’s when the choice is all yours, purely honest. Your intent is not based on being socially accepted, on fear, or on following some new trend. You are not running away from anything! You are driven solely because you believe what you do is right.

In those moments YOU grow more than acquiring all spiritual knowledge in the world.

And now is the time for us to implement all of those quotes in action!

Now is the time to practice what we preach!

Now is the time to invent new things, to bring a new substance of stories in the world!

Now is the time to make that leap of faith!

Now is NOT the time to be the change we want to see in the world, but the time to MAKE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

Now is the time to act!

To grow!

To show who we really are as humans!

To unite!

It’s game time!