Following Your Heart Will Give You ‘The Substance Of Life’


There comes a time in everyone’s life when it feels like there is nothing new out there. You know the feeling, nothing excites you, everything feels the same, dull; even though you know your purpose you don’t FEEL it’s really that important.

Especially today, with so much information around easy to be accessed!

If you understand a little more about some spiritual concepts, you have probably heard that life is a joke, that everything is one, that we are infinite; if you understand a little more about science you probably assume that everything is pointless, already predetermined; if you’ve dug into conspiracy theories and searching for the truth you probably know how brainwashed most of the population actually is;

It seems like ALL OF THIS leads you to one conclusion. It gives you a sense that nothing really matters, that your choices are pointless, you feel like you are stuck in midst of infinity.

You scream ‘what’s the point?’ and there is no answer. There is no point. There is no meaning.

You are alive but you don’t FEEL alive!

We ALL feel this way at a certain point in our life.

We are born with this childlike wonder, excited about the world. We grow up and we are faced with the ‘ugly reality’ around us. And it messes us up!

But this, ALL OF THIS, believe it or not has nothing to do with your knowledge. It’s something else…

Each and every single day you get these weak impulses from the depths of your soul and you try to ignore them. You bury them with information, facts, and second hand stories. Some people are blind to even perceiving them.

You scroll through Facebook and you see a girl you like living in Minsk, and in a tiny moment you think to yourself ‘I should go to Minsk and meet her!’ But after a second, your mind starts giving excuses and reasons why you should not do that.

And you comfort yourself with some facts like ‘the world is not safe now’ or ‘that’s desperate, what will she think of me’ or ‘I’ll save a lot of money if I don’t go’!

So you don’t go. You move on with your day and you bury the impulse. And it’s not just “the girl from Minsk”, you keep doing this until it’s biased in your mind. The next time is with a skill you want to learn, book you want to read, adventure you want to go to…

Slowly, you create a comfort zone surrounded by big ‘walls’ you feel less and less willing to escape.

These impulses, they show you what gives life to your life. And you bury them, you ignore them.

What extinguishes the life from your life is not knowledge of the ‘ugly reality’ or the fact that nothing really matters. No! What makes you a prisoner of your own self is Fear!

You hide behind facts, information, excuses, to hide the fact that you are afraid. That gives you comfort.

No one really knows what the right way to live your life is! No one really knows the REAL reality, we only perceive what we can with our senses. All that you can be certain of is those weak impulses that are beaming from the depths of your soul! That’s you! That’s the substance of your life!

And fear is not your enemy. Fear exists to slow you down just a little bit so you can think before you act, but not to stop you. It is there to stimulate your creativity not to make the decisions for you!

No matter how insignificant and pointless what these impulses say appears to your mind, these things are what gives life to your life! They are what makes you FEEL alive!

The best way to get the substance of life is to listen to your heart for destinations and listen to your mind for the smartest directions and ways of travel.

Everything seems pointless to you because your mind can not understand the real significance of these impulses. For your mind, they are insignificant. And because you listen to your mind for destinations, more than you listen to your heart, life around you loses its meaning.

And life might be a joke, it might be already predetermined, people might be brainwashed, nothing might really matter in the end… but really, who cares! That’s your mind’s perspective and YOU are beyond your mind!

Your heart is the one that gives meaning, not your mind.

If you follow these impulses you’ll be happy and filled with life no matter what life turns out to be! In the end, those facts and descriptions of what life is, are the things that don’t really matter. What matters is how much life substance you squeezed from your soul.

So don’t worry if everything seems pointless to you. All you have to do is follow your heart!

However, there is a difference between following your heart and seeking certain emotions, like happiness. Following your heart is above emotions. It’s a sense. The emotions are just signs, words your soul uses to communicate with you. Listen to them, but follow your heart!