You Have An OVERLY Good Heart If…


We, humans are complex species. Animals, for example, if they want to eat they eat, if they want to sleep they sleep, if they want to reproduce, they reproduce. Animals don’t care what time it is, or if the food is gluten free, where they’ll be in 30 years or if their last partner cheated on them.

But we are more evolved species. We have one more dimension to worry about, time. This level of consciousness has given us many advanced layers to our psyche like the awareness of the self in time. We are aware of the past, the present and the future and where we are inside.

Because of this, each and every single one of us has their own story. You have your own story. You know your characteristics, the way you act in certain situations, your flaws, your talents, and you base this on the knowledge from your experiences.

This compressed form of YOU, between the story of your past and who you want to be in the future, is your ego. And a healthy ego is a good thing. It’s what separates you from everything else in order to advance even further.

In order to plan our future we have to be aware of who we are and what we want.

However, there is one really annoying program that spawned because of our insecurity and we refer to it as ‘what others think of me’

In order to hide the fact that we are insecure about who we are we want to make sure we are accepted by everyone else.

Because this is considered as running away from the problem, it’s a product of your weakness. And no matter how it manifests, it’s not going to be constructive in the long run.

Because you want others to think good about you, you can make yourself a person who helps everyone, who is always good, who puts everyone else before himself. But this will always result in creating more harm.

It’s like trying to save everyone else while you are the one who needs help. And the one who can truly help you is busy helping everyone else, and that’s you.

Like I said, we are complex species and we have a mind for a reason. One of our mind’s biggest purposes is giving us options to spend our energy in a more efficient way in order to raise our mutual human energy.

Having an ‘overly good heart’ is a symptom that you put others before yourself. That doesn’t make you good, it makes you foolish. You waste your energy inefficiently.


If you find yourself in some of these examples you have an ‘overly good heart’:


You feel like you sacrifice yourself for others;

You forget what people did to you and still hang out with them even though they do not respect you;

You see other people with more priority than yourself;

You break your boundaries for others and this happens frequently;

You feel like you don’t deserve love and when someone does something good for you, you over return the love;

You don’t stand for yourself;


How to not have an OVERLY good heart?

When you are helping others just because you want others to see you as a good person you expect something in return. You expect to be rewarded by them, or The Universe, or GOD, because you were a good person. But that’s not how things work.

When you are authentically good you have a sense of who really needs your help. The act of helping is the reward itself. In order to achieve this state you have to first help yourself.

When you respect yourself and see yourself as worthy of love, you are free to do what you really love to do, not what will make you a good person.

And when you free yourself to be who you are, you’ll realize that you are good enough, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Good and evil are ego created concepts. You are beyond your ego. You are simply YOU and you don’t have to complicate things even further!