‘The WHOLE World Got It Wrong About Mindfulness Meditation’ Buddhists Say!


You don’t have to swim in the ‘spiritual waters’ to have heard about the Mindfulness Meditation. It’s a popular trend all around the world.

Mindfulness is an amazing thing. It’s a beautiful thing to take a 15 minute break from your busy day and just be present in the NOW moment.

However, that’s not the place from where you should approach Mindfulness Meditation!

Buddhists say that mindfulness should be the reward of your meditation, not the reason for it.

The sole act of meditating FOR something destroys the essence of meditation!

The whole world seems to not get this. People don’t understand meditation. If you meditate FOR something you are not meditating, you are running or escaping from something! Meditation is stopping to run. Just because. Realizing that you are enough.

The term ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ was created so it can be better sold. Everything that gets a term is mainly abused for marketing purposes.

So people get a little stressed on work, they want an escape. Alcohol, drugs, that’s not healthy. They look for a healthier way to escape their problems and ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ is one of them. It’s healthy, affordable, easy. Countless of businesses promise that they’ll teach you how to do Mindfulness Meditation.

But for what?

For a little break from your stress?

Why not sort out the root of your stress so you don’t have to escape from your reality?

Then you can meditate because you naturally want, not because you need to. And mindfulness will come as a reward from your meditation.

Don’t get me wrong. Mindfulness Meditation is a beautiful practice. But don’t use it as something to hide behind from your problems.

If you sort them out, your whole life will be a meditation. And mindfulness will be your natural state.

Real mindfulness is not seeking for mindfulness.