One Of The MOST Romantic Songs You’ll Ever Hear Was Created Using Science!


It’s not about detaching from everyone achieving spiritual perfection. It’s not about looking at everything as less important because it has a scientific explanation.

There is something pure in loving someone romantically and the world seems to have forgotten about that.

But I guess it’s not about science, or spirituality, or romance, it’s about what those things mean for us. What we make out of them! Who would have thought that scientific topics can produce one of the MOST romantic songs that you’ll ever hear… (especially if you understand the topics)

There are always 2 main elements in life. Darkness and Light; Space and Matter; The spark and the flame work together so fire can exist. Male and Female bond together so life can exist!

And when we love someone distance, time, space, none of that matters. Love is beyond space and time! The DNA is created by 2 strains. One is from your mother and the other is from your father. Together they create you! Their love created your code!

There is a nuclear explosion when you rip atoms apart. It feels like a nuclear attack inside your heart when you break up with someone you love!

Science is not something contradictory to spirituality. It’s a source for it. It’s the spark to the flame.

And spirituality too. Some spiritual concepts can show us exactly where to look for scientific answers.

They complete each other.

They are STRONGER together than they are apart.

It’s easy to look at life mentally. ‘This happens because of this. Love is just chemistry.”

But that’s only one side of reality. The other side is your inner world.

That’s why we have art. That’s why we write books. That’s why we make music. Because something mathematical sometimes means the world to us. Sometimes a simple chemical reaction can give us reason for life. And those things matter, even though they are immaterial.

Our inner world is a whole new Universe but instead of gravity and magnetism, things attract because of love.

The existence of music is a proof that the human race is greater than it knows…