THIS Is The Secret For Living Past 100…


Acciaroli is a small Italian town tucked into the Cilento coast, 85 miles south of Naples.

Scientists discovered that in this small corner of the world more than 1 in 10 of its residents is over 100 years old. So what scientists do best? They did a research why the people in Acciaroli are so healthy and live so long.


After spending six months studying Acciaroli’s 700 residents they discovered something REALLY interesting.

All of the residents have “unusually good blood circulation for their age,”! This is due to a couple of factors:

Acciaroli’s residents ate locally sourced fish, rabbit, and chicken. They also ate home-grown vegetables, and olive oil.

They ate a lot of rosemary, which the researchers found to help improve brain function.

The intimate life of the locals was highly active, even in the lifestyle of people older than 100 years, which is really nice.


So if you ask scientists, they conclude that the 3 factors of living past 100 are these:

Eat a Mediterranean diet with home-grown ingredients, consume a lot of rosemary, have an active love life.

Here is a beautiful elderly couple from Acciaroli:

100-year-old Antonio Vassallo and his wife Amina Fedollo, 93, pose in their house in Acciaroli, southern Italy.

Source: Big Think;