Put THIS Plant Inside Your Home And Say Goodbye To Spiders, Mice and Other Pests, Forever!


Did you know that there is a plant which can save you from unwanted pests?

Spiders, mice and other insects can be a real problem. However, if you get yourself a Peppermint Plant it’ll keep away all of those pests you hate. The best thing is, it will do it in a natural way and you won’t have to use any harmful chemicals!

An added plus is how easy this plant is to care for, regardless if you’re growing it indoor or outdoor.

Peppermint comes essentially in two popular varieties; black or white. Black peppermint has darker leaves and tends to have a stronger scent, whereas white peppermint is lighter both in color and aroma.

Regardless of what type you choose, make sure you give your mint plenty of water and drainage. Peppermint also enjoys partial to full sunlight so don’t be afraid to give your mint some extra sunshine!

Now that you know how to take care of your plant let’s see what other benefits it’ll give you:

– Like mentioned previously, it will repel spiders, mice and other unwanted pests;

[Pro-tip: Make a water and essential peppermint oil spray to keep other critters out of any places you want. We recommend using 9 parts water and 1 part oil]

– It can keep you and your pets free from fleas. Just take a couple sprigs of peppermint and place them into a bag or pillow;

– It can make you healthier. Peppermint has a surprising amount of medicinal benefits, making it one of the most helpful plants for not only your home, but also for your health. If your stomach is feeling upset, try drinking some herbal peppermint tea;

– For those of you suffering from stuffy sinuses, boil some water and fresh mint leaves together, this minty steam can help clear your congestion;

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