Japanese Woman Explains Why Most Japanese Women Don’t Get Fat


Obesity is a BIG problem in America (no pun intended)! Contrasting this, obesity in Japan is really, really rare, it’s almost unreal. In fact, Japanese women have the lowest obesity rate in the world, only 3%!

Their life expectancy is the highest in the world (with 85 years on average, while US has 80 years on average).

Japanese women are known to age very slowly, their skin is tight, glowing and most of them are pretty fit.

Does this mean that Japanese women exercise a lot? Well, no. The secret is in something else and it’s really simple.

While Naomi Moriyama lived in The US she gained 25 pounds in only 2 months.

However, once she returned to Japan the extra pounds just disappeared. “All I did was get back…” Naomi says.

Here is a video of her story where she reveals the secret of why Japanese women don’t get old or fat:

Most people cannot accept that something as simple as changing their diet can have immense results in a couple of months.

We underestimate the influence our diet has on our life, and this woman is an example that a change in diet can make you a whole other person.

We want a magic pill that will solve our problems, but what we don’t understand is that changing our diet is the closest thing to a magic pill we can get.

It’s just that we don’t see immediate results. However, if we keep being persistent we will get the desired results, and maybe even more.

Obesity is a serious problem, but it all comes down to a choice you make, a choice of diet and a way of eating. It’s your choice at the end of the day.