THIS Is ALL You Need To Know From EVERY Self-Help Book Ever Written!



That’s it. That’s all you need to realize to help yourself!

This, of course, is a huge oversimplification. I don’t want to be disrespectful to any book or author. Each book is a treasure, and if you want to learn more about something specific you should go and read a book.

I am just giving ONE thing most (if not all) of these books have in common.

We tend to overcomplicate things. We are wired to use the part of our mind which dissects reality and studies it, so we can survive better.

However, whatever we try to study ends up giving us more and more variables.

We end up with more puzzles. We end up with more questions and more stuff to dissect. And that’s how we tend to overcomplicate things.

All that we do is observe the same thing from many angles, dimensions and aspects.

We need to start putting the pieces together so we can see the bigger picture. Only then we can truly understand what we try to study in the first place.

Imagine if instead of eating an icecream you try to check all the ingredients. You’ll see all the chemical connections and all the molecules. But you’ll have no idea what an icecream is. In fact, someone who just eats their icecream will understand A LOT more than you. You’ll know more about a simple icecream, but they’ll understand more.

My point is that, almost all self-help books explain one same thing through countless different examples. They observe and describe ONE SAME THING from different angles and through different aspects.

They dissect it, explain each piece separately, than dissect those pieces, and each book does it in its own way.

But when we put all the puzzles together ALL you need to know is that,


You don’t need to prove or do anything to have permission to be who you want to be. You are already there!

All you need to do is clean the path to where you actually are from all the things that fool you otherwise.

And eat your freaking icecream!