THIS Temperature Timeline Of Earth Shows EXACTLY How Absurd Global Warming Deniers Really Are!


Climate change and ‘Global Warming’ are terms that most people mix up. Climate change is something that happens naturally, It’s like the Earth is breathing on a larger time scale. It happened, it happens and hopefully, it’ll keep its harmonious pace.

Global warming is a term most of the world’s politics have twisted. However, science undeniably shows that it is something REAL (that’s why I said hopefully)! And it’s really not that hard to see what scientists are saying (aside all political agendas)!

Tons of scientific evidence, ANYONE can freely check, are showing that Earth’s temperatures have increased in the last 100 years to a level that naturally would have required 2000 years. And it all started EXACTLY the same time we started using fossil fuels!

It’s more than logical that if we dig up buried carbon, burn and release it into the atmosphere (which would never happen naturally) to expect certain disbalance in Earth’s climate.

Just look at the timeline and you’ll get a sense of what everyone is talking about: