THESE 3 Amazing Things Happen To Your Body When You Take A Nap Every Day…


I used to wake up in the morning, get busy with my day, and go back to sleep tired at night.

One day I was so tired from working, writing and exercising that I fell asleep after lunch. I woke up all confused about what year it is realizing that I have slept only for brief 23 minutes. However, I felt rejuvenated and recharged, I had thought clarity and calmness such I haven’t felt for a long time.

After that nap, I started taking naps every day. I did a research on the subject of napping, sleeping and optimal time for recharging and I realized we don’t work like mobile phones. If your cell phone has low battery and you put it on the charger it would take approximately 1 hour to recharge. The amount of time it needs to recharge is equivalent with the amount of battery it lacks.

But we don’t work like this. You can feel tired, take a 15 minute nap and feel 100% recharged afterwards. You can feel tired, sleep for 8 hours and still feel tired when you wake up. We are not mobile phones. We are people. We follow natural changes and the movement of the planets. Each organ has its peak time throughout the day according to where the sun is on the sky.

There is science that shows the optimal amounts of time for taking a nap in order to recharge, boost creativity and feel better:

How long should you take a nap

If you start taking a nap every day these 3 AMAZING things will happen to your body:


Reduce Anxiety

Naps are a perfect way for us to extremely reduce our anxiety as well as our stress. Naps are able to reduce up to incredible 50% the amount of cortisol in your system (that hormone which can make you feel very on edge). Taking a daily nap will allow you to feel a lot more rested, relaxed, and refreshed. (source)


The Health Of Your Heart Will Improve

According to a Harvard study, they were able to show that subjects who napped frequently had a much lower risk of them developing any kind of cardiovascular problems in the future. (source)


Your Brain Functionality Will Significantly Increase

Just by giving yourself a 15 – 20 minute nap, you are improving the functionality of your brain by gaining a burst of alertness and increased motor performance. According to a study, people who took a 60 – 90 minute nap were able to drastically increase their decision-making skills, such as memorizing vocabulary or recalling directions. Taking a nap daily helps the brain make new connections and solve creative problems. (source)


Taking a nap every day will make you happier, calmer, healthier, smarter and more effective in all the areas of your life!