Not Even Adults Can Solve Correctly THIS Children’s Puzzle…


Not all math questions are about MATH! Some of them are created to test the way you observe and logically think.

This is children’s puzzle that most adults fail to answer correctly. Note that this puzzle is NOT just about the math but also about your sharpness at observing details.

Without further ado:

Adults Cannot Solve THIS Children's Puzzle...

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The Answer:

So did you get 105? Or perhaps, 102?

The answer is in fact 81. The chances are you didn’t get it because of two subtle details.

  • First, the number of yellow flowers: In the third equation there are 2, and in the last one there’s just 1. Which means that the value of 1 such flower is 1;
  • Second, the number of petals which the purple flowers have: In the second equation, these flowers equal 5 — they have 5 petals each, all of which equal 1. In the last equation, the purple flower only has 4 petals (4×1) which means the value of that flower is 4 in the last equation;

So, 20×4 + 1 = 81.

If you got that — congratulations! You’ve have excellent attention to detail. And you are better than most adults!

Source: Bright Side;