Alan Watts Debunks The Pointless ‘Rat Race’ That Wastes Our Lives In Soultouching Video


As soon as we are born we are labeled; name, race, nationality, family, status… We are inserted into a story not of our making.

As soon as we start walking and exploring the majestic world around us we are told ‘oh, but you must go to school now! You must finish school to go to high school. You must finish high school to go to college. You must master a degree so you can get a good job. You must work hard so you can be promoted. You must make a family. You must buy a house. You must… you must… you must…’ Until you retire. And then what?

Then you are too old to continue exploring the world and do what you really wanted to do your entire life! What did you spent most of your life chasing?

We are living life as a person who chases his own shadow. We try so desperately to run away from our own shadow, we run and we run and we run, but it seems that our shadow is always there, not a single moment more behind than it was.

But all we have to do to get away from our shadow is go into the shade. And the shade is within us, within our own darkness, within our own inner world. There we discover that the shadow was just an illusion. We were creating problem out of nothing.

There is nowhere you need to be but where you are right now. That’s where you are alive, right here and now. That’s where you can be who you are, and you don’t lack anything to be who you are. It’s absurd to think we are not enough, yet the whole world lives this way.

Nothing is permanent, life flows and the water is not once the same. There is no grand goal, nor a big purpose, there is not even a meaning if you do not create one yourself. Everything is as it should be, so just relax. Life is to be played, so dance, sing, play.