7 WRONG Assumptions The Spiritual Movement Is Destroying The World With!


If you have an internet connection and a social media account you cannot miss the new movement that happens to the world.

We call it a spiritual movement but it actually is awakening. People wake up and see behind the curtains of illusion. However, many spiritual teachings, posts and articles are so contradictory and confusing that people end up feeling more lost than they were before.

Due to misinformation, unproven facts and things taken out of context people make WRONG assumptions. These wrong assumptions ruin the quality of your life and destroy the world you live in. Here are 7 of the most globally accepted assumptions that are not true:


WRONG ASSUMPTION 1: The whole world is getting worsewrong-spiritual-assumptions The whole world is getting worse

No it’s not! You watch too much TV! If you tell this to a person that lived in the 1600s’ or the 1200s’ they will take a large piece of wood and beat the hell out of you. They were in a constant suppression of expressing their opinions. People were burned alive for saying ‘maybe the sun is not circling around the earth’! They didn’t have medicine, they lived shorter than the modern world, they traveled mostly by feet and on horse, killing rates were higher, poverty was higher, creative expression was minimal, education was minimal, they struggled for food, had no idea about science… Just how is the world today worse than that?!

We are most advanced, most educated, most free, most respectful and more connected to one another than any time in human history, there have been no better times for opportunity, for creative expression, travel, learning and discovery, life expectancy is highest, technological progress is accelerating, we are awakening and growing to higher levels of consciousness…

The world is far from perfect but it sure is not getting worse. If anything it’s getting a lot better. The media and the news are always reporting bad news because that’s what captures your attention. It’s a defensive mechanism to pay more attention on possibly life threatening news. And that’s why we probably get the assumption that the world is going to poo. However, the same bad stories, maybe even more bad stories, happened before we had TVs and Internet. The difference is, if a couple of people get shot on the opposite side of the world you would have no idea what so ever. If there is a hurricane or volcano erupting 5K miles from where you are you would have no idea.

If you still need convincing that the world is getting worse you should check this article.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 2: Be like the kid you were when you were youngwrong-spiritual-assumptions Be like the kid you were when you were young

You can never be like the kid you were when you were young!

When you were young you were taken care of. You didn’t care if you would have something to eat; you didn’t care if you are dressed; you didn’t care if you are dirty; you didn’t care if you hurt yourself; you didn’t care if you only played all day. You didn’t care because someone else cared for you! If you are hurt your parents will take care of you, if you didn’t eat you will be fed, even if that’s with force. Try not eating today, nothing will happen.

What people mean when they say ‘be like the kid you were when you were young’ is to keep that wonder about life, to get our heads outside of our egos. We grow up and we stiffen our outlook on life thinking we know everything. But if you expect to be exactly like the kid you were when you were young you will be disappointed. You have the responsibility to take care of yourself now, maybe even take care of your own kids.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 3: Think only positive thingswrong-spiritual-assumptions Think only positive things

Anyone who ever tried thinking only positive things, either lives in constant torment by their own mind or realized how stupid this really is. You don’t get to control your own mind. You don’t get to filter your thoughts.

Think of your mind like the sky. Sometimes there are storms. You don’t overcome the storms by controlling every lightning or stopping all storms everywhere, but by letting them pass. There are bad thoughts in your mind, it’s normal. Let them pass. You are not your thoughts, you are the one who observes them. Just like the sky is beyond the storm, you are beyond your thoughts. And when you don’t try to control, things will move in a natural flow. As soon as you start controlling your thoughts, you are disrupting your balance, and more bad thoughts will accumulate.

Negative thoughts, just like negative feelings are natural. They are teaching us something about ourselves. They are there to help us see the complete spectrum. Running away from either of them creates negativity. It’s exactly how we run away from ourselves. You don’t need to limit yourself you need to learn to be yourself without any limits. Of course, you can think about any subject. You can explore ideas and information, you can connect things. But thoughts are exactly what they are, thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. They don’t have power if you don’t give them any. Don’t focus your life on creating better thoughts, you are neglecting yourself and what you really like to do.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 4: Eat only healthy foodwrong-spiritual-assumptions Eat only healthy food

If ‘bad food’ was as bad as the internet makes it than poor people would have died out a long time ago. The same with people who smoke and drink. And I know chain smokers who live up to 90 years. When I see what my parents eat and how they live their lives I really wonder how it is possible that they are healthy. They eat ‘unhealthy’ they drink, smoke, they don’t exercise. The only explanation is that health is not as simple as ‘eat only healthy food’.

Do you know that poor kids growing up playing in the dirt, eating various foods that were found in the trash, have stronger immune systems than kids who were kept clean and nurtured almost to perfection? Yes. They stimulate their organism to fight bacteria and be stronger since young age, so when they form as adults their organism is a lot stronger than kids who never came in contact with dirt.

The point is that health is a balance between what’s considered healthy and what’s considered unhealthy. Going in either extreme is a disruption to the balance you’ve created to be healthy for you. Some doctors consider obsession with healthy food to be as same as obsession with eating too much. I am not saying to eat bad food either. I am saying not to obsess with eating only healthy food. Create a healthy balance.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 5: You are the most incredible human beingwrong-spiritual-assumptions You are the most incredible human being

No you are not! You are not perfect. Neither is the guy next to you. We are all flawed.

When we accept that we are not perfect we free ourselves to be who we really are. And we are alright.

Living with the burden to be always perfect will make you an asshole. And by default this will make you flawed. So accept yourself as who you are. Accept that sometimes you can make a mistake, and you’ll be free to make things right. Perfection is a construct of your mind, you have no idea what’s perfect according to The Universe, maybe you already are. So just be you. You are fine.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 6: Kill your egowrong-spiritual-assumptions Kill your ego

Then why would you have an ego in the first place? Without an ego you will have no attraction to any human being what so ever.

This is a misunderstanding of what the alchemists called the darkening of the ego. You don’t kill your ego but you burn away its impurities. Then, you take what’s worthy and you build a new pure version. Then, this version is enlightened. This whole process is like taking a bath. You face your fears, you do what scares you just so you can discover your strengths and you build on them. But this is not something you do once, just like a bath, you need to purify your ego from time to time.

As we grow, our ego clutters with various impurities, fears, false information, false image, false outlooks that prevent us from living the life that we want to live. We serve our ego’s flaws instead of our soul’s purpose. That’s when you need a bath. But if you kill your ego (which I don’t think it’s possible) than you are removing the part of you that you need to grow.


WRONG ASSUMPTION 7: Be kind to everyonewrong-spiritual-assumptions Be kind to everyone

By nature you are an animal. You have natural instincts that care only for your survival. This is a part of you as same as your sainthood.

Being kind to everyone is neglecting your nature. You need to find balance between the kindness and the rudeness. You need to find balance between yourself and other people. You don’t have to be kind to everyone, sometimes you are simply angry. Don’t be an asshole but you don’t have to be kind.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to be cruel. Be kind as much as you can, but before everything else, be honest! Don’t pretend you are a saint. You are a human. It’s ok to be mad, and angry and sad sometimes. We all are. Trying to always be kind will backfire on you. You’ll be cruel to yourself. If you hear stories of people who were kind to everyone trust me, they didn’t try. It came natural for them because they grew as individuals. Focus on growing and being kind will come natural to you. Don’t try! Do!