Nikola Tesla Envisioned ‘Drone Warfare’ Nearly 120 Years Ago But NOT For The Same Reason…


We all know that Nikola Tesla was far ahead of his time! His inventions, knowledge and visions of the future were, are and probably will be, unmatched by anyone through history. He even made a patent about machines that are operated and controlled by a “receiving circuit…” (sounds familiar?)

Matthew Schroyer recently tweeted a snippet of the patent that highlighted Tesla was looking to developing unmanned vehicles for use in communication, scientific exploration, and warfare. The patent, filed on July 1, 1898, contains detailed text and diagrams that denote machines that are operated and controlled by a “receiving circuit… both adjusted and rendered sensitive to the influence of waves or impulses emanating from a remote source.”

“The invention which I have described will prove useful in many ways. Vessels or vehicles of any suitable kind may be used, as life, despatch, or pilot boats or the like, or for carrying letters, packages, provisions, instruments, objects, or materials of any descreption, for establishing communication with inaccessible regions…”

You cannot overlook the shocking resemblance and uncanny similarity to today’s Drone Technology ranging from Amazon’s delivery drones and unmanned aerial vehicle airstrikes, to their broad scientific applications.

However, the most important thing is Nikola Tesla’s purpose behind this invention.

“…but the greatest value of my invention will result from its effect upon warfare and armaments, for by reason of its certain and unlimited destructiveness it will tend to bring about and maintain permanent peace among nations.”

Unlike ourselves, Nikola Tesla believed that a great and powerful weapon can end all wars between the nations. He believed that because of this weapon’s accessibility and potential we would have no other choice but to have peace.

Is this possible? We have Drones, Nuclear Bombs, who knows what else… we have weapons powerful enough to wipe us all out in a day. But what have this changed? Maybe we don’t need a powerful weapon to scare us so we can have peace. Maybe we need to ‘engineer’ a powerful HUMAN SPIRIT to prevent fighting each other. Powerful spirit to succeed in uniting us all. There is something we have to work on in the global spirit of humanity. If we all deal with the enemy within individually, maybe we won’t see an enemy without collectively.

Maybe that’s what Nikola Tesla meant when he said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

You can view the full patent here.

Source: IFLScience;