THIS ‘Little’ Secret Is How To Be Always Happy…


Since you are born you are bombarded with propaganda. ‘This will make you happy, that will make you happy…’ even parents ‘advertise’ certain things in life as you grow old: “finishing school and getting a job will make you happy, getting the girl that you love will make you happy, traveling the world will make you happy…”

So subconsciously by default, you think of yourself as someone who is lacking happiness. And it’s logical isn’t it? Since you need to ‘do something, achieve something’ to be happy in life you must be “not happy” where you are right now.

And you grow old with this in your subconscious, and you fight and you succeed and you are just unhappier and unhappier. What happened to the kid who was always happy and playful? It didn’t have as much as you do now. The kid needed to ask even if it’s allowed to cross the street. You don’t need to. You are freer aren’t you?

We are all motivated by happiness. But when we get the thing that makes us happy it doesn’t even last for a day until we realize there is still something we miss to fill this void. Why?

Because we try to capture the infinite in the finite (like counting to infinity). We attach happiness to a ‘road sign’ instead of the journey. The kid was never motivated by happiness. The kid didn’t seek happiness. It did what it really wanted to and happiness came naturally.

We are living the greatest lie anyone ever created, and by ‘anyone’ I mean you. You’ve fooled yourself that you are not enough so you seek to complete yourself outside of yourself. In reality you are always whole.

You can never fill your void by seeking things outside. That’s how you move further and further away from YOU.

So you are in a constant struggle to scratch a little piece of happiness ignoring the present moment where you are “not happy”

You work your ass off so you can go on a vacation; You wait for the weekend so you can get drunk; You watch TV shows, movies; You eat; You exercise; You go out with friends; Even if you wait for someone you immediately pick up your phone just so you can be distracted from the present moment where you are “not happy” and that’s how you live most of your life. Paradoxically you are seeking happiness by running away from the only place you’ll ever be happy.

Let me tell you what happened. The ‘road signs’ that point your soul’s purpose, your truth and passion in life became your destinations. Feeling happy is just a sign that you are doing something that pleases your soul. It’s not something to seek, it’s a “way to go buddy” when you are doing something your soul likes. Happiness, sadness, those are not your default states so you run away from the one seeking the other. They are ‘words’ they are the language of your soul so you can better understand yourself. Your default state is YOU.

When you feel happiness ask yourself ‘why does this make me happy?’. That’s how you get to know yourself. When you are sad ask yourself ‘why does this make me sad?’. And do this with all your emotions. Get to know yourself.

Get to know what your soul likes and what your soul dislikes. Do more of what your soul likes and happiness will come naturally. It will be your default state. Just like when you were a kid. Because happiness is not the end goal, it’s a ‘road sign’ on your journey. And when you do what you really like doing with your life your are bound to hear that “way to go buddy” from your heart.