Remember The Boy Who Was Thrown On The Streets To Die? THIS Is How He Looks Today…


This boy, who was accused by the local community for witchcraft, and thrown on the streets where he almost died, is still alive today thanks to Anja Ringgren Lovén.

The photographs that the humanitarian Anja published on Facebook shocked the world (in a positive way of course).

“When I carried this sweet boy in my hands for the first time, I was sure that he won’t make it. His every breath was a struggle, but I didn’t want him to die without a name and dignity, so I gave him the name Hope.” says Anja Ringgren. Against most of the odds, this is how Hope looks today:

How Hope Looks As A Kid Today

He is a healthy young boy excited to learn and discover.

How Hope Looks As A Kid Today 1

How Hope Looks As A Kid Today 2